Robotics; Notes Review

Robotics notes


Yashio Kaito is a laid back high schooler who joins a robot club led by his childhood female friend Senomiya Akiho. Akiho has a dream to finish building a giant robot called Gunvarrel which is started by her sister, a former club member. Kaito on the other hand knows that Akiho’s dream is almost impossible to reach considering only the two of them are the club members. Not to mention, they lack financially and are inexperienced in the field. However, things might come in handy after they succeed in recruiting new members. With some motivated new members, they might pull off this dream of Akiho’s


I’m finally back hahaha!!! Ha…. NOW!

I believe the same case goes to most people, I watched this show because it is ‘related’ to Steins; Gate. I know Steins; Gate is an amazing anime so I didn’t hope for this show to be better than or as good as Steins; Gate. My expectation toward Robotic; Notes is to be as close as possible to Steins; Gate because I know almost nothing can beat or even be on the same level as Steins; Gate. And to be honest, the build-up of this anime does came up to my expectation but the ending is a total let down.

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Update Post: Happy Ramadan!!!


Have a nice fasting month everyone! Don’t eat too much when you’re breaking your fast and make sure you wake up really really early for Sahoor. Oh and also, do your terawih too…

Even though I haven’t post anything for quite some time, it doesn’t mean that I won’t be coming back. Well, previously I have been inactive for three weeks straight and then I posted a review afterwards like my absence was not a big deal (it’s really not right?). But now, I think this kind of post is really necessary.

The reason I was inactive for this past week is because firstly, the internet connection in my college is way too slow. I can’t watch as much anime as I want to now (not that I even watch that much anime before anyway). Well, maybe another reason is the new environment which I have yet to cope with. It is only my first week of college. I guess I have to cope with it quick to be active on my blog again. As for the slow internet connection, I’ll improvise. Don’t worry, I will be coming back. I expect to return next week so keep waiting for me!

Lastly, happy celebrating Ramadan month to all my Muslim friends!!!

I’m Going to College!!!


Before I begin rambling about my life, I’m going to apologize to everyone including myself because I am posting an anime unrelated article in this blog. I mean, when I started this blog, I promised myself to not talk about my personal life here but now I’m doing the opposite. However when I think about it again, I thought, why not? There’s no harm in doing so right? Besides, this is MY BLOG to begin with, I can post anything I want here. So yeah, as the title says I’m going to college! That’s a very good news to me so I’m going to share a little bit about it with you guys. It might be boring but I don’t know. That’s enough, let’s get started.

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K-ON Movie Review



High school is coming an end and graduation day is getting very near. The senior club members of the Light Music Club decided to go on a graduation trip in London.


Yes!! I finally managed to review the whole sequel of K-ON. I’m the type of person who will almost certainly watch the sequel of an anime even if the I don’t particularly like the first season of the show (that means I really should check out the second season of Seitokai Yakuindomo by now) and so far, watching that way is really worth it. Take The Haruhi Suzumiya series for example, I don’t like the series but I truly adore the movie. I think I’ll continue to watch anime like this until I found one anime that really pisses me off from start to finish. That said, I think it’s time for us to get into the review.

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