Attack on Titan Review




Humans are attacked by man-eating giants called ‘titan’ by surprise. Because they are so powerful compared to humans, mankind are on the verge of extinction. However, a small population of human survive by building three impossibly high walls that separates them from the titans. After building the walls, mankind live in peace from the titan for one whole century.

In the year 845, a Colossal Titan suddenly appears and breaches the wall attacking humans within the wall. Now that one of the walls has been breached and titans swarming in, how will mankind endure this disaster?


I know I’m extremely late for the party so that’s why I write a spoiler-filled review rather than spoiler-free review. I believe most people in the anime fandom have already watched this massively hyped anime series so why bother writing a spoiler-free review for this anime? And it’s easier for me to discuss. Okay now, let’s go through the anime shall we?

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Hyouka Review



Oreki Hotarou is a lazy sloth who avoids doing any activity that he consider a waste of energy but if he have to do it, he will do it the simplest way possible. He goes to highschool as a freshman and is forced to join the Classics Club by his sister. Since he is scared of his sister, he joins the Club against his will. After joining he meets Chitanda Eru, a girl who will mess up his way of life.


Honestly, I’m quite confused about the primary genre of this anime. At first glance, I thought it was a slice of life anime but when the main character starts to solve mysteries, I was not sure anymore. It’s certainly not a love story though. That’s the thing with this anime. It seems like a slice of life anime but at the same time, it also seems like a mystery anime. My final conclusion is it’s a slice of life anime but with mystery element that I would really recommend others to watch. This is just me though but can’t this anime be more straight-forward about what it’s trying to be? It’s very hard to interpret. I’m not really good at analyzing literature so when my friend asked “Hey, what’s this anime about?”. I don’t know how to answer him correctly. I would simply answer “it’s basically a slice of life anime that has mystery in it,”. I believe that’s the most accurate answer.

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How I Become an Anime Fan


As you all probably know, I only started watching anime during late 2012 and I haven’t watched that much anime since then. I know that from 2012 up until now is a long time and I should already have watched a considerable amount of anime. However I actually haven’t watched that much anime because of some reasons that prohibited me from doing so even if I wanted to.

A few years ago during the year 2011, I happened to make new friends as I was transferred to a new school. I am very picky when it comes to choosing friends so I only made very few close friends that I often talked with. Well, I am an introvert after all. Coincidently, these few friends that I made all watched anime. So that was when it all began. Continue reading

K-ON!! Review Season 2



The Light Music Club senior members are on their final year of school. They have one last year to enjoy their moments with each other. So they had fun to the fullest… by drinking tea after school.


Here’s what I thought when I was watching the first episode.

K-on picture 3
Really? I mean, seriously? That means I don’t have to wait another six episodes?
k-on 4
I’m revved up for this!
k-on 5
It’s starting, it’s starting!

approximately ten seconds later…

K-on!! test 2
… Well that sucks.

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