Amagi Brilliant Park Review



Amagi Brilliant park, an amusement park appears to be in a very bad shape with no maintenance and low on visitors. The park needs to attract 500000 visitors by the next three months otherwise, it will be shutted down by the authorities. Seiya is forced to save the amusement park by a beautiful girl Isuzu. Accepting the challenging job, Seiya soon knows that it is no ordinary park.


I have to say that Amagi Brilliant Park is a great comedy anime. Comedy anime without drama doesn’t usually appeal to me because it doesn’t have any particular plot or story and character development. Unless it’s funny as hell, I won’t be that interested in it. But this anime is pretty good. I really enjoyed it. Continue reading

Golden Time Review

golden time


A highschool student named Tada Banri suffers amnesia due to an accident that happens the day he graduates highschool. His memory doesn’t retrieve even one year after. He enters college after hospitalized and got interested in a girl named Kaga Koko. Without any knowledge that he has a pass relationship with his former crush Linda, he tries to pursue Koko.


The story is quite interesting. An anime about a guy with amnesia, add in some romance and love triangles in it and there you are. Golden Time! I actually enjoyed watching this series more than I thought I would mainly because of the better second half. Continue reading

Basic Questions For Any Anime Fan – The Inspector Green Tag

sword girl

So, FabledHunter Tagged me to answer several questions about anime. I was stunned to know that I was tagged and of course, I felt very happy. I mean, at least someone acknowledges my existence. You can find his answer here. So, without wasting any time, let’s answer the questions.

Continue reading

Black Bullet Review



In a near future, humans are threatened by parasites known as Gastrea and are forced to live in terror and despair with the Gastrea. Satomi Rentaro, a ‘Civil Security’ with his ‘initiator’ Enju is on a secret mission to save Tokyo from the Gastrea attack.


After reviewing older anime for the past few posts, I decided to give the newer anime a shot. I chose to watch the more popular ones of course. After all, one of my friends recommended this anime to me so why not right? So I started watching this series with really high hopes and expectations. ‘This will be a really great action thrilling series! The premise is quite dark. Yeah, this is going to be very interesting!’. Or so I thought. Continue reading

Whisper of The Heart Review



There lives a girl named Tsukishima Shizuku who loves to read and sometimes tries to write. She met a boy named Amasawa Seiji and later finds out that Seiji wants to be a professional violin maker. Knowing that, she doubts her own future. She doesn’t know what to do in her future life. She likes writing but does she really have the talent?


This movie tells me a lot to me personally. I don’t know what to do in my life either. I like writing (which is the very reason I write this review in the first place) but can I really perform in it? Is a professional writer or a freelance writer a good occupation? Do I have the opportunity to become one? Other than writing what else can I do? Yeah, those are the questions lingering inside my noggin now. So does Shizuku (sort of). She likes to read fictional books and tries to write lyrics. She doubts her own talent but her friends say that her lyrics are amazing. She also doesn’t know whether or not to write in her future life so I find myself very relatable to her. Continue reading

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Review



It’s a story about a girl named Haruhi Suzumiya trying to overcome her boredom by finding abnormal things in this world. Therefore, she forms a club with the objective to find the abnormality of this world.

Kyon, an ordinary high school student is involved with Haruhi’s crazy activities by some (inevitable) occasions. He later finds out that the other three members of the newborn club is an alien, a time traveler and an esper. He has to make Haruhi happy by accompanying her doing insane activities while at the same time covering the fact and secret of the abnormality around her because if she finds out, IT WILL BE THE END OF THE WORLD!!


There are two ways to watch this series. The first one is in chronological order and the other one is in the original release order. I, of course watched it in chronological order. I don’t see why people should watch the broadcast order because the episodes are scattered. Think of it this way, you have a perfect chronologically arranged series. Then you shuffle the episodes randomly and lastly broadcast it. Isn’t it a foolish thing to do? But I don’t know, maybe there is something to it that I couldn’t see. Besides, I watched this chronologically so I can’t actually say anything.

First off, I didn’t find this anime as entertaining as many people claim it to be. I don’t see why people always say that this is one of the best anime ever created. I didn’t find it funny most of the time. I didn’t find any character development. Kyon is boring as hell while Haruhi is a total bitc…. I mean, she’s bizarre. Let’s go to the things that I like about the anime shall we? Continue reading

K-on! Review (Season1)

K-ON!! Kotobuki Tsumugi, Nakano Azusa, Tainaka Ritsu, Hirasawa Yui, Akiyama Mio Wallpaper


Hirasawa Yui, a clumsy airheaded girl enters high school and decides to enter a club since she never join one. The Light Music Club catches her interest as she thinks she can become a member of the club just by knowing how to play castanet. Soon, she realizes that it is a lot harder than that. She enters it anyway and decides to learn to play guitar for the sake of her new join club. She enjoys sharing pleasant memories together with the  members of the club.


I watch this series because of the songs actually. I found out that the songs are one of the best I’ve heard. It’s rock, catchy and it have much ‘stress’ in it so like It a lot. It’s more or less my taste of music. Since I love the songs so much, I thought why not give this anime a try despite the bad rumours about it. I mean, I’ve heard many people saying that this anime is not good. Well it is true in some way. Let’s just get to it shall we? Continue reading

Happy New Year!

That’s right. Happy new year to all of you out there. Well actually, I don’t have anything to say but I just want to post something today so…

cherry blossom girl

I just finished watching Steins Gate and I tell you, It was awesome! Personal favorite anime so far? I think so. The review will be coming out soon-er or later.

I hope I can write something interesting this year. Improving my writing is crucial and very difficult but even so, I’ll try my best. After all, the first reason I write is because I like it. not because I’m good at it. I wanted to make an anime blog long ago actually but seeing other bloggers or even my fellow classmate’s writing made me down. I can’t reach that level. That’s what I always thought. It’s the very reason why I was hesitant to make a blog. But luckily, I found a new anime blog. Anime Ataraxia. He made me decide to just go for it even though I might (somehow) fail. So yeah, thank you again FabledHunter!

That said, I think that’s it. I couldn’t think of a proper way to end. Thanks for reading anyway.