Steins; Gate Review



A self-proclaimed mad scientist named Okabe Rintarou a.k.a “ Hououin Kyouma” saw Makise Kurisu, a teenage science prodigy girl stabbed to death, laying coldly in a room. Okabe then texted his friend, Daru about the incident. Right after he send the text, he experiences something abnormal and inexplicable. Several hours later, he is shocked to see that, Kurisu, the girl who he just saw (dead), is alive in front of his eyes.

He later finds out that he can send text messages to the past only by using a phone and a microwave. By doing that, he changes the past multiple times. Little does he know that his actions are leading to ‘dystopia’.


The first episode hit me hard especially the last scene of the episode where Okabe finds out that the dead Kurisu is alive in front of his eyes. Well, reliving a character always captures the audience’s attention right? ( Or wrong?) Continue reading

Le. Gardenie First Impressions



The story is about Orange, a 15 year old boy and his childhood friend Kiwi. The new school term has just started and they go to school as usual. Orange finds himself falling for a beautiful girl named Apple instantly (love at first sight). While trying to pursue his dream girl, Orange meets another beautiful girl named Lemon who, in his eyes, is a very good person. However, Kiwi knows that Lemon is only pretending to be good for whatever reasons. Before long, Lemon gradually steals Orange’s heart towards her and makes Kiwi look like an untrustworthy friend. Now, Orange have to choose between Kiwi and Lemon, who actually is the wolf in disguise?


It’s about time I posted something about local comic. Well, I have actually read a few local comics before but I just didn’t have the urge to write a review on them. But this particular comic book is really good, I immediately thought to write a review on it as soon as I finished it. I haven’t read the rest of the story because I haven’t bought them yet but I’m guessing they will be just as great. It would be a shame if the rest of the story turns out to be bad because the first volume is really good, it have the potential to be a great story. Oh, and there are four volumes in total. Continue reading