I Watched ‘Stop This Sound’ Because of The Romance

Blushing Moments 2

Yes, you read it right. I watched this anime only because I saw a lot of blushing scenes on multiple social media platforms. I once said I didn’t want to continue watching the second season but yet here I am. I explained in this post that I didn’t really enjoy watching this anime. And I still hold to my stance. I did not enjoy the musical performance (but this season is much better), I don’t like how overdramatic everyone is, I don’t find the dynamics of the characters interesting and I especially hate the trio boys. I mean, why do they exist?? However, I found out that there are ships in this anime and all of them aren’t harem so I tried looking into it and now, I finished the anime. Basically, I decided to continue watching this anime just because I want to watch anime girls blush.

Am I satisfied with the romance elements in this anime? Yes, yes I am. It’s very good that they explore the characters’ romantic feelings very early on because if not, I would have dropped it. The romance isn’t really special. I just like it because I’m a sucker for anything innocent anime romance, especially their blush. But hey can you blame me? Look at how they blush! 

Blushing moments

I honestly thought I would dislike this season as much as the first season. But after a few episodes, I kinda dig it. I had a lot of enjoyment in the first half of the season, especially Dojima-sensei’s arc. I looked past the overdramatic drama and accepted it. I still don’t enjoy their cheesy and awful timing comedy but they are mostly acceptable. However it all goes downhill after the flashback episodes start. It disrupts the pacing making it feels really out of place. Just when we are looking forward to the main characters’ performance, the anime shifts its focus to other schools and for some reason try to explore their motives of playing Koto. At this point, I didn’t really care for characters other than the main characters so the flashback episodes quickly became very boring.

That’s not the biggest issue of the anime though. The biggest problem with this anime is that the characters don’t feel like people. The characters feel like characters. They are overly honest with their feelings and always talk about their feelings with other people. When they don’t, it creates a HUGE unrealistic misunderstanding and unnecessary conflict. 

The Trio 3
I hate these three. I don’t know they exist.

Another big problem is the anime relies too much on exposition. It describes almost every single thing that happens on screen. As soon as the characters show that they are happy, or touched or they treasure the club, they then tell us that they’re happy or touched or treasure the club. Stop telling me what you’re thinking! Just show me! Half of this show is just people giving motivational speech to one another or to themselves. It’s freaking boring! And stop crying for every little joy that you feel. It feels very redundant and doesn’t have the same impact after you cried for the 100th time.

The musical performance is better than the first season. While yes, they still describe everything, they do give us little moments for us to actually feel the performance. I think every performance in this season is somewhat enjoyable. The highlight is, of course, their final performance. That was a good performance.

Koto Performance

So is this anime good? No, I can’t say that it’s good. Did I enjoy it? Yea certain parts of it. The cute blushing moments. But other than that, not so much. Would I recommend this to anybody? Well, to be honest, no. But apparently many people do enjoy this series a lot. So I guess watch the first episode or the first few episodes and you can decide from there. For me, it’s better if you watch Sound Euphonium if you haven’t already or Chihayafuru. Those anime are much better and have a similar tone with this anime.

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