The Girl Who Leapt Through Time Review

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A tomboy teenage girl named Makoto Konno discovered that she has the ability to leap through time. Once she knows her newfound ability, she uses it to her advantage towards trivial things such as passing exams and avoiding embarrassing accidents. Little does she knows that her action effects the people around her in a bad way. Continue reading

Kuroko no Basuke Review (Season 1)

Kuroko’s Basketball



Teiko middle school basketball club is considered unrivaled after winning every championship they participate. At that club, there are five well known prodigies which are called the ‘Generation of Miracle’. After graduated, the five of them went to different high schools representing their school’s basketball club. Kuroko who was once the member of Teiko’s basketball club went to Seirin high school and determined to defeat the arrogant ‘Generation of Miracle’ with his style of play.


I watched this anime by accident, not recommended by anyone. I accidently watched kuroko’s scene where kuroko’s ability is revealed. That particular scene makes me stuck to the whole show. Continue reading

5 Centimeters Per Second Review

This is my first review so I’m a bit nervous.


Tonho Takaki and  Shinohara Akari are best friends. After graduated elementary school, Akari is forced to move because of her parent’s job. Not long after, Takaki also have to move to a place where the distance between them makes it really hard for them to meet. Takaki and Akari deals with the distance relationship and struggle to keep in touch and meet each other.

5 centimeter per second


First and foremost, I must give a credit to the art and animation. It is just brilliant. The beautiful, well animated scenery is just perfect for this type of story-telling which I believe is montage. You won’t get to see amazing animation like this other then Makoto Shinkai’s anime. Continue reading

Getting Started: Anime Blog

Hello everyone. Thank you for visiting my new blog. I really hope you enjoy what I will post in the future. Here is a tiny bit of what I think I will do in the near future and of course a little bit about myself.


I’m actually new in the anime culture so I may not know much about anime stuffs and I have not seen many anime yet. However, I’d love to share my thoughts about it with someone. Anyone. So, a blog is an opportunity for me to do it. I started watching anime during the last months of 2012. The first series I watched was School Rumble. Influenced by my anime fan friends, I reluctantly gave it a try and surprisingly, I started to grow fond towards the series and then anime as a whole.

One thing I can see in this blog is the change of my perspective and opinion over time. Since I’m still new, my opinion on anime might be different a few years from now. That’s quite interesting to me. Okay, maybe some would think that I could watch a lot of anime from 2012 up to now. But the truth is I didn’t because of some circumstances that inhibited myself watching it even if I wanted to. So now, I’ll try to watch more anime.


I’m planning to write reviews/impressions on anime movies. I’ll be focusing on anime movies rather than series. At least for now. I am a slow writer so reviewing movies will be easier for me to post something every week. Another thing that I will do is reviewing or share my thoughts of local comics. Comics that are influenced and have many similarities with anime of course. I’m doing this to try catching local readers that is Malaysian. I hope they will find my posts captivating. This is also a way for me to promote the comics right?

All in all, I’ll try to write something every week. Yes, currently my (sort of) schedule is one post a week. My writing sucks right now but I will definitely grow as time goes by. So I hope you enjoy reading my posts. Feel free to comment or even follow. And finally, thanks for reading.