Set To a Mobile Friendly Theme


Hey there! Long time no see! I just want you to know that I changed my theme  to a mobile friendly theme so that it is more convenient for people who like to read using their phones and tablets. This theme is okay I guess. At least, it doesn’t hurt my eyes when I read it and it’s pretty easy to read.

No no, no explanation of my hiatus. I will, however, post a few more until the end of this year and disappear once more next year.


Anime Girl Typing

I’m now living in a noisy environment. I can’t write… Whenever I feel like writing, there’ll always be someone calling my name or texting me and asks me to help them with their assignments… or starring at what I’m writing right now.  I have no privacy. I feel uneasy whenever I want to write so I always advert myself to other things. I thought I could advert myself to anime but I was wrong.

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I’m Back… Again


Whew break time’s over!

Just letting you know (again) that I’m still not letting go of this blogging thing.

Okay after my last update post saying I was getting back to blogging, I didn’t. Partly because I notice that I’ve changed a bit these past months. For one, I’m actually getting more social in real life. I talk more to people, play video games with them watch movies and sometimes anime with them. I even play basketball, football and futsal in the evening with different people in different sport. Yeah I pretty much have changed positively. Most probably because of the new environment of my new college. I think these are the reasons why I don’t post anything this past few months. I have so much fun socializing with the people here that I forgot that I have this blog.

I promise I will be more active after this since now is actually the semester break. That’s it, see you soon! 🙂

I’m Back!!!

Waving anime girl

Gosh it’s been over a month since I last post anything here!

Just letting you know that I’m not really stopping this blogging thing. I’m at home now because it’s now Chinese New Year holiday. It only lasts for 4 days though so I think really should post something while I still have the opportunity. Oh wait, I’m getting ahead of myself here.

The reason I didn’t post anything last month, apart from my laziness, was because my new college does not have a WiFi. No I’m not joking. They really don’t have any. So we students are dependent towards our mobile data for just about everything from researching to playing online games. I don’t know about you guys but our mobile data is very limited. I didn’t even on my social media just to save up my data for later use. So basically, I didn’t open wordpress. I did for the first two weeks or so but it uses so much data so I stopped.

So yeah, I’m back now but I’ll probably be on a hiatus again starting next week. Even though I’m back, I’m not going to post much because I didn’t really write anything while I was gone.

I’ll be back from hiatus in mid March…. See you later. Crap I still don’t know how to end this kind of posts.

Update Post: Eid Mubarak!!!


It’s that time of the year again where we visit almost all our relatives and watch (and play) fireworks at night, eat various types of food, have fun and chat with our relatives and whatnot. This is a really fun holiday for us Muslims to have and we anticipate for it every year.

What kind of update post is this you might ask? Well, I’m here to tell you that I will be busy celebrating Eid Fitri for a couple of days which is more likely to extend to at least a week. Actually, I’ve been busy even before Eid with shopping new clothes, new shoes, new furniture, decorating my home, buying kuih raya (biscuits basically), and umm… doing assignments, chatting with my friends, playing video games. Those are the reasons why I didn’t post anything last week and I won’t be posting anything for quite some time either. If I do post something by next week, that’s a miracle.

Normally, people would post an update post before their hiatus but I’m different, I post it during my hiatus. So, See ya!

Update Post: Happy Ramadan!!!


Have a nice fasting month everyone! Don’t eat too much when you’re breaking your fast and make sure you wake up really really early for Sahoor. Oh and also, do your terawih too…

Even though I haven’t post anything for quite some time, it doesn’t mean that I won’t be coming back. Well, previously I have been inactive for three weeks straight and then I posted a review afterwards like my absence was not a big deal (it’s really not right?). But now, I think this kind of post is really necessary.

The reason I was inactive for this past week is because firstly, the internet connection in my college is way too slow. I can’t watch as much anime as I want to now (not that I even watch that much anime before anyway). Well, maybe another reason is the new environment which I have yet to cope with. It is only my first week of college. I guess I have to cope with it quick to be active on my blog again. As for the slow internet connection, I’ll improvise. Don’t worry, I will be coming back. I expect to return next week so keep waiting for me!

Lastly, happy celebrating Ramadan month to all my Muslim friends!!!