I’m Back!!!

Waving anime girl

Gosh it’s been over a month since I last post anything here!

Just letting you know that I’m not really stopping this blogging thing. I’m at home now because it’s now Chinese New Year holiday. It only lasts for 4 days though so I think really should post something while I still have the opportunity. Oh wait, I’m getting ahead of myself here.

The reason I didn’t post anything last month, apart from my laziness, was because my new college does not have a WiFi. No I’m not joking. They really don’t have any. So we students are dependent towards our mobile data for just about everything from researching to playing online games. I don’t know about you guys but our mobile data is very limited. I didn’t even on my social media just to save up my data for later use. So basically, I didn’t open wordpress. I did for the first two weeks or so but it uses so much data so I stopped.

So yeah, I’m back now but I’ll probably be on a hiatus again starting next week. Even though I’m back, I’m not going to post much because I didn’t really write anything while I was gone.

I’ll be back from hiatus in mid March…. See you later. Crap I still don’t know how to end this kind of posts.