Are The People in Paradis Island Jews?

Some people have made theories about this anime stating that the people of Paradis Island in Attack on Titan are basically Jews. And because of this theory, the anime itself has been labelled as Anti-semitic by the raging people of Twitter, which I honestly don’t really understand how they could come to that conclusion. But I’m here to fight against that theory. The people of the Paradis Island are not Jews.

First of all, if you pay REALLY close attention when watching Attack on Titan, especially towards the end of season 3, you’ll find out that the people of Paraids Island are called Eldians (Eldia), not Jews.  The only identical alphabet in both of the names of these two races is the letter E. So I’m pretty sure that the name ‘Eldia’ is very different from the name ‘Jews’.

Secondly, The people of Paradis, which are Eldians, can turn into Titans while Jews cannot turn into giant naked man-eating monsters. Some of the Eldians can even be Titan Shifters, meaning that they shift into being a titan or a human seemingly at will. As far as we know, Jews don’t have the ability remotely close to that.

Finally, Eldia is a fictional race while the Jews, as we all know, is a real race in the real world. One race only exists in a fictional world of Attack on Titan while the other is a real existing race. Now that is actually very different and I can’t say that one is the same as the other.

With all the arguments and facts that I’ve given, It’s pretty safe to conclude that the people of Paradis Island are Eldians, not Jews and that Eldians and Jews are not one and the same.

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