I’ve Read Quite a Few Manga Lately

Reading Manga.jpg

As mentioned in the title, yes I’ve read a lot of manga lately. At least a lot for me. I actually don’t read manga that much because I’m a really slow reader. In fact, I actually don’t really need manga at all (aside from some shoujo manga that that are translated into my local language). I only watch anime for the most part. However recently I somehow read a considerable number of manga because…. I don’t have a choice.

Okay so, I actually started my internship program under my college two months ago and my workplace is quite far from my house. It’s a two hours train ride going to work and another two hours going home from work. So basically I spend around 4 hours every day on the train… standing up (because I’m young so of course they’ll be other older people who need the seats more than I do). I don’t wanna waste my time daydreaming on the train as it’ll be boring real quick so I decided to read manga on the train. Well sometimes I write but most of the time, I read manga. I definitely don’t scroll social media though. For some reason, it’s the least interesting thing to do on the train.

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Kimi ni Todoke: The Most Shoujo Anime I’ve Ever Watched!


This is, by far the most shoujo anime I have ever watched. Just look at how shoujo it is!!! Anime can’t POSSIBLY be more shoujo than this.

That said, I actually watched it till the end. It has 2 seasons with 25 episodes for the first season and 12 episodes in the second season.

The first season is pretty… meh. Well it’s decent in a way that it’s everything you expect a shoujo anime would be. You know, the normal stuff. An outcasted main girl who falls in love with the popular guy who always helps her and treats everyone equally. The second season, however, is downright awful. It has little to no plot or character development. It focuses solely on the main couple disregarding the other more captivating potential couples they could’ve explored. Most importantly, the plot is just unnecessary sloooowwww. I mean seriously, if you have two freaking episodes only to have the main girl contemplating whether or not she should give her valentine chocolate to her crush, that’s a little too much. Do they cover like half a chapter of the manga in one episode or something??

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Sakura Quest: Freesia English Lyrics

As the gentle wind blows through me
I feel so lonely
No one to talk to
May I rely on you?

We are running away from
Our mistakes and blunders
But we should learn and move forward

Our past, our selves, we all want to change
But we’re afraid it is all out of our range
(all of us might seem a bit too strange)

Thank you, for the, memories and all the light
I will always remember and hold them tight
Till the day we meet again
Hey now look!

All this while I’ve been telling you, the unspeakable feelings that I am going through
All this time I wanted so long, to become the person that is out of the norm
I can see myself, even though I didn’t believe it then
Thanks to you, I’m now in a place where I call it home


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Two Anime ED That are Really Memorable to Me


Out of many anime I’ve watched over the years, there are only two ED that I think stands out from the rest. Sure there are great ED out there that I also like such as Anohana ED, A Lull in The Sea ED and many more. However I think these two stands out for me more because of just one thing. The transition from normal scene to the ending song.

  1. Beyond The Boundary ED

The first time I watched the ED of this anime, it blew my mind. It sounds so good! II was so focused on the story when the ED song starts with a very low volume and then gradually becomes louder and ultimately plays it at full volume while the ending scene starts. It caught me off guard EVERY TIME and because of it, I always ended up listening to the whole ED every episode. It’s very difficult to set this up every episode but Beyond the Boundary managed to do it every time. At least, I don’t remember it transitions in a different way.

  1. Silver Spoon ED

Well these two videos don’t demonstrate the transition but I’ll link to the songs anyway because they’re good even without the transitioning.

This anime is great and heartwarming. The perfect ED is definitely a plus for me. The pattern is to set up a light mood by the end of the episode and, like Beyond the Boundary, starts the ED song with a low  volume as it gradually increases. The only flaw to me is that the song could only be effective after setting up a light mood. This anime, however, has some heavy moments at the end of an episode so when this happens, they usually don’t use the light mood set up but go straight away to the ED. It’s not bad, they handled it very well… It’s just that, I love the transition from the light mood to the ED song more so when it doesn’t happen, I feel a bit disappointed.

The first season’s ED is to me better than the second season’s ED. Both could still achieve what they want, which is to have a smooth transition from normal scene to ED song but I think the first season did much better.

So yeah these two are the most memorable ED to me so far. Maybe there are actually many more anime that have done similar things like  this and I probably even watched some of them. But I don’t know, so far, these two are the one I notice and remember.

Baby Steps: A Realistic Sports Anime

Baby Steps 1

I recently finished watching a tennis sports anime called ‘Baby Steps’. I’ve watched a few sports anime every now and then but I have to say this is the most realistic sports anime I’ve ever seen. It has the beginners approach because the main Character, Maruo Eichirou only starts playing tennis without any knowledge of tennis at all. So you dive into the anime without much knowledge of the sport and learn about it the same pace as Maruo.

Another thing that makes the anime realistic is the significance of training and practice. In this anime… THE CHARACTERS ACTUALLY PRACTICE!!! I mean of course other sports anime show the characters practice too but it is not as detailed and as important as Baby Steps. In this anime, they actually show us why certain way of practice is necessary for development and how long the practices should be done. Practices and training in this anime majorly affect the results of the matches that the main character plays.

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Conclusion of Anime and Its Genres


This is the wrap up of my genre posts. From my previous posts, it’s very obvious that I like a light-hearted genre more than a dark and depressing genre. Especially now that I’m in my final semester of college where there are many things to do but I have no idea how to do them. At all. But I’m expected to do great at them… God just let this end quick!

As you can see from my previous posts, I generalize the genre to make it easier for me to differentiate. I usually see romance as something very related to drama so I lump those two together. Granted there are romantic comedy so it’s categorized as comedy.

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The Dark Horror Genre in Anime

Horror anime

I have a confession… I have never watched a single horror genre anime in my life. Not even the popular anime, Another. Okay another confession… I actually don’t know what classifies an anime as a horror. If something like Future Diary or Death Note is considered a ‘horror anime’ than I’ve watched quite a few of anime like that. If horror anime should be similar to usual horror movies, than I don’t think I’ve watched any. Is there any real horror anime to begin with?

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