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I’ve been introduced to a gacha game on discord by my VRChat friends. It’s negatively affecting my life.

Seriously what’s the point of this game? We’re just collecting waifus and collecting Weeb Points and gambling to collect even more waifus using the Weeb Points that we get from sending waifus to the dungeon. We open boxes using our coloured keys which contain more Weeb Points and if you’re lucky, a random waifu. There is daily reward, daily gacha and daily keys, all of them encourage you to collect more waifus.

Now I’m not explaining the game enough of course. You can watch this video to get the overall gist of the game. But all you need to know is that the game is extremely addicting. Or at least, I’m now pretty much addicted to the game.

List of Waifus
My list of waifu/husbando as of now

When my friend first introduced the game , I didn’t really care that much. Everyone else was busy collecting waifus and I was here alone thinking, what the hell are they doing? I didn’t understand how the game works at that time so that was probably one of the reasons why I was not as interested. However, once I understand how to play the game, everything changes.

It screws up my sleep schedule. I constantly want to check on my waifus in the dungeon even at 3 am in the morning. After I wake up, the first thing I do is check on my waifus and rewards. I make sure that the dungeon slots are always occupied by waifus at all time. I am now constantly on edge to claim waifus once the waifubot spawns one. It doesn’t help that one of my friends knows the name of literally every character in the freaking anime world so claiming waifus are a lot tougher.

Waifus in Dungeons
Sending them to the dungeon

Is this what gacha is? If this is a ‘harmless gacha’, I can only imagine how people spend thousands of dollars of actual money in anime gacha waifu games. It’s honestly really scary. I think I should stop being so obsessed with this game. But I need to… get more Weeb Points… and roll more waifus!!!

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