Domestic Girlfriend – Should I Watch It?

For some reason, I thought this song was sung by Mafumafu. If you don’t know who he is, he’s a Japanese singer who sounds like a girl. I like this song because of how emotionally committed the singer sings the song. She sings with desperation, frustration and exasperation. This goes hand in hand with its lyrics which is pretty depressing in my opinion. 

Then I found out that…

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How Kuroki Tomoko Evolves

Tomoko Kuroki

‘It’s Not My Fault I’m Not Popular’ is a really fun series. It’s also very cringey and depressing at the same time but I love it nonetheless. The reason is quite simple, it’s very relatable to me. As a shy and introverted person who is struggling with social anxiety, I can see a lot of myself in the main character, Kuroki Tomoko. I don’t try as hard as her to be popular or sociable, of course but I can see myself fail as miserably as her if I tried. So yea, none of the things Tomoko experiences are experienced by me (but maybe only in my mind).

I honestly think Tomoko has evolved from the the anime, the manga after the anime and the later part of the manga. Her personality, although very slightly, changes. How others see her also changes, how she sees other people changes and even the number of people she hangs out with increase over time.

I divide the change into three different stages.

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Yomogi Mochi Yaketa Manga Review



Haruno Yomogi is a high school girl who is obsessed with money. She would do absolutely anything (except for anything pervy and painful) to get some. Since she treasures money so much, love is probably the last thing on her mind. However, Wakky and Natsume, her childhood male friend looks strangely attractive lately. Maybe, just maybe she might experience romance and love for the first time?


I don’t usually review a manga but I’ll do something different this time. This is not an exceptionally great manga or anything but since it’s the first ever manga that I read (as far as I can remember), I think it deserve some sort of special treatment by me. So now, I’m going to review a shoujo manga that I first read 4 years ago. Of course I reread it for the sake of this review. Oh, and I didn’t watch anime yet at that time.

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