VRChat – A Great Place To Hang Out During Lockdown

Wallpaper VRChat

So my country is currently in lockdown! Well not full lockdown yet but extremely restricted. We call it the Movement Control Order (MCO) This means that all the classes are postponed, people work from home and there are more time to play video games.

I’ve started playing VRChat because of a Youtuber named Lunamia. You can check him out. He’s really funny. But I’ve started to play more during this MCO period. I didn’t think it was this fun. So many random things can happen at any given moment.


I wanted to take this advantage by talking in English in VRChat. I mean, I don’t speak English at home at all so I thought VRChat is a great place for me to talk with people from around the world in English. However, I accidentally met a lot of people from my own country and now, I find myself spending my time with them much more than I expected. And of course we don’t speak in English with each other. And of course I can’t practice my English. Sigh… I wanna talk in English!

BUT because of them, I started playing horror games inside VRChat. There are tons of horror maps in VRChat. I think we’ve played most of them. I’ve never liked horror games because I’m just not good with horror stuff but when I play with my friends in VRChat, it’s a lot of fun. Having someone to be with you throughout the jump-scares really turns the horror elements into something funny. I still have to wait for them to play with me though, I can’t play any horror games alone. And sometimes my potato laptop can’t handle some of the maps so I just watch my friend’s stream on discord. It’s pretty much the same experience.


Another reason to play VRChat is because of the many beautiful maps that I can explore. While I don’t play on a VR set and my laptop can only handle VR low graphics (but still crashes a lot), many of the worlds in this game are still worth checking out. Some of them are amazingly beautiful and some of them are just plain weird. In both cases, it’s really fun to explore with my friends.

The one main reason to play this is game is to just hang out with friends. Play normal games like ‘Have I Ever’ or any other question games. It’s very relaxing. Well sometimes it’s not very relaxing because that’s when everyone wants to dig up all your secrets and dark past. I managed to dig up someone else’s secrets too so that’s fine. Anyway, hanging out with your friends in VRChat is a good way to kill time especially in some very beautiful world accompanied by beautiful background music. 


Now back to the pandemic. Malaysia is not on total lockdown yet. We are now in Movement Control Order  (MCO) which means people can still go out but only when absolutely necessary. Only essential businesses are open such as the grocery stores, pharmacies and gas stations. Two weeks have passed and another two weeks of MCO to go.

It’s a bit scary but I think the government is handling this issue pretty well. I just hate all the people who don’t follow the MCO rules. Just stay home, please!

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