I’m Back… Again


Whew break time’s over!

Just letting you know (again) that I’m still not letting go of this blogging thing.

Okay after my last update post saying I was getting back to blogging, I didn’t. Partly because I notice that I’ve changed a bit these past months. For one, I’m actually getting more social in real life. I talk more to people, play video games with them watch movies and sometimes anime with them. I even play basketball, football and futsal in the evening with different people in different sport. Yeah I pretty much have changed positively. Most probably because of the new environment of my new college. I think these are the reasons why I don’t post anything this past few months. I have so much fun socializing with the people here that I forgot that I have this blog.

I promise I will be more active after this since now is actually the semester break. That’s it, see you soon! 🙂