Domestic Girlfriend – Should I Watch It?

For some reason, I thought this song was sung by Mafumafu. If you don’t know who he is, he’s a Japanese singer who sounds like a girl. I like this song because of how emotionally committed the singer sings the song. She sings with desperation, frustration and exasperation. This goes hand in hand with its lyrics which is pretty depressing in my opinion. 

Then I found out that…

Apparently this song is the opening theme for an anime called ‘Domestic Girlfriend’. I haven’t watched this anime but after listening to this song, I feel like I’m going to like the series. Plus, many people in the anime community, including one of my friends say the manga is extremely good. One of the reasons why they say it’s good is because of the character development and the the flow of time. The characters grow from highschool students to college students and then working adults. As the plot progresses, their circumstances also change and the characters are forced to make important life decisions.

While I never actually watched the anime, their explanation does sound very interesting.

Domestic Girlfriend SS 3

The thing is though, about a year before the anime was even announced, I actually read a few chapters of the manga. Then I… dropped it. The main reason is because the character’s circumstances are extremely deliberately messy. Let me tell you the plot of the first few chapters.

It’s about a guy who has a huge one sided crush on his teacher. One day he goes on a group date and then one of the girls asks him to sneak out of the group. They then go to the girl’s house and the girl asks him to have sex with her. He agrees. This is just a one time thing because the girl wants to know how it feels or something like that. Back at his house, his father mentions that he is going to remarry. Badabum badamtss it turns out that his new mother’s daughters are his teacher who he likes and the girl he had sex with. Meaning that the girls are siblings and now they are his step-siblings. (Did you get all that?)

Potential Thumbnail

I don’t know about you but that’s extremely messed up for me. HOWEVER! I think I’m going to give it another chance just because of the opening song. See if it’s actually good or not. I’m going to read the manga though because people claim that the anime adaptation doesn’t do justice.

Now while I was in a dilemma thinking whether or not I actually want to read the series, I stumbled upon a manga titled ‘My Stepmom’s Daughter Was My Ex-Girlfriend’. The circumstances is pretty similar but the approach is more comedic in nature. It is still a drama so there is plot progression but it’s much lighter in tone. As of now, there are only about 10 chapters and is still ongoing. I’m pretty sure the story is going to be really short.

Welp anyway, I’ll be reading Domestic Girlfriend and I’ll update you if I find it interesting or not.

My Stepmom's Daughter Was My Ex Girlfriend


3 thoughts on “Domestic Girlfriend – Should I Watch It?

  1. Great OP, but I found the anime intensely melodramatic and leaves it all unresolved from an emotional perspective. Perhaps the manga is better as it has time to have the story play out.

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