I’m Going to College!!!


Before I begin rambling about my life, I’m going to apologize to everyone including myself because I am posting an anime unrelated article in this blog. I mean, when I started this blog, I promised myself to not talk about my personal life here but now I’m doing the opposite. However when I think about it again, I thought, why not? There’s no harm in doing so right? Besides, this is MY BLOG to begin with, I can post anything I want here. So yeah, as the title says I’m going to college! That’s a very good news to me so I’m going to share a little bit about it with you guys. It might be boring but I don’t know. That’s enough, let’s get started.

Last year was my final year of highschool (there is no such thing as ‘highschool’ in Malaysia but I’ll use that term anyway so that it’s easier for you guys to understand). We Malaysians graduate from highschool at the age of 17 right after taking the final exam of highschool. One fact that you have to know is, after we finished highschool, we didn’t get a diploma but we get a highschool certificate instead. We use the result of our final exam to apply for any college or university and we will get a diploma after at least two years of studying in a college. Simply put, our education sucks.

After finished highschool, we technically have to wait for about 4 and a half months before our results are out. So I left school brimming with happiness and joy of freedom but also wondered, what the hell should I do now? The results are still not out yet. While waiting for it, what should I do?

Most of my schoolmates would just fool around especially the first two months of leaving school. Some of them would find a place to work temporarily and some of them would start their driving classes. Oh how I wish I could register the driving class earlier. I still don’t have a driving license despite going to college!! The driving class is another thing to worry once leaving school so you guys out there, make sure you register your driving class as soon as you finish highschool because if you register late like me, you’ll probably going to get you driving license ¾ year after the first day you register. How did I spend my 4 months break you ask? Well, of course I fooled around for the first two months doing nothing. But I  started blogging during that period of time. That’s the only ‘something’ I did. For the next two and a half months, I worked temporarily. It was a serious experience for me. Then not long after, the results are out.

Knowing that my result is out, I quickly applied for multiple Universities and colleges even though I don’t know how the process actually works. I didn’t know what I was doing. Just do it, I thought. My result is good enough (which is slightly above national average) for me to get 4 different study offers. Three of the offers are from public colleges and one from a private college. What did I choose? The private college. Actually I had to choose that. I don’t have the power to choose anymore except for turning down the offer altogether because well, things happen (this is actually the result of me not knowing how the applying process actually works). Now it’s either going to the private college which of course is more expensive or turning down the offer and apply for a public college next year. I don’t want to waste any more time at home so I choose the former hoping that it’s a better decision.

You might be asking me ‘what course are you taking?’ by now. Well, it has something to do with English writing so that’s good enough for me. I want to learn English writing because I generally like writing. I know my writing is not very good now but that’s the very reason why I should learn it right? So that I can improve my writing. My short term dream is to be able to write high quality articles that people actually acknowledge and respect. I may not be talented but I really want to chase this dream of mine. As for my long term dream (or pretty much my dream job), I wanted to become an Arabic to English/Malay translator but I didn’t get the opportunity to learn Arabic in college so I’ll set this dream aside for now. I just need to focus on studying for now and maybe the chance will come later.

So umm… Yeah, I’m going to college soon YAY!!! I really hope I can cope with the new environment there easily and I hope there are many anime fans there so I can make friends with them. What to expect from me from now on? Haha, did anyone actually expect anything from me in the first place? Well if I have to say, expect me not stopping blogging even if I don’t post regularly… yeah expect that. That’s all from me I think, have a good day! Great, I don’t know how to end this properly…

4 thoughts on “I’m Going to College!!!

  1. Personal posts are awesome (: I can’t believe I am still unsure of the whole education process despite knowing a few Malaysians IRL … but I know you guys are a year younger than us for the same ‘level’ of education.

    Congrats on getting into/going to college! 🙂

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    • Thank you very much 😀

      The education process haha. To be honest, I still don’t know how it actually works. I bet no one knows and maybe that’s why when I ask people they would only answer me vaguely.

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  2. How dare you post personal stuff on an anime blog? This is outrageous! Haha, just kidding.

    All the best with your studies, although from what I have read your writing is already decent.

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