Robotics; Notes Review

Robotics notes


Yashio Kaito is a laid back high schooler who joins a robot club led by his childhood female friend Senomiya Akiho. Akiho has a dream to finish building a giant robot called Gunvarrel which is started by her sister, a former club member. Kaito on the other hand knows that Akiho’s dream is almost impossible to reach considering only the two of them are the club members. Not to mention, they lack financially and are inexperienced in the field. However, things might come in handy after they succeed in recruiting new members. With some motivated new members, they might pull off this dream of Akiho’s


I’m finally back hahaha!!! Ha…. NOW!

I believe the same case goes to most people, I watched this show because it is ‘related’ to Steins; Gate. I know Steins; Gate is an amazing anime so I didn’t hope for this show to be better than or as good as Steins; Gate. My expectation toward Robotic; Notes is to be as close as possible to Steins; Gate because I know almost nothing can beat or even be on the same level as Steins; Gate. And to be honest, the build-up of this anime does came up to my expectation but the ending is a total let down.

I think the story really wants to be like Steins; Gate as the first few episodes of this anime has a slice of life-like atmosphere just like Steins; Gate. Though, Robotics; Notes is a lot more light hearted… Well I think it’s time for me to not compare Robotics; Notes to Steins; Gate. These two are really not the same thing at all.


As I said before, the first few episode is very light hearted, calm and there is no sense of danger at all. It shows how ambitious Akiho is trying to build her Giant robot while Kaito is just playing with his Kill-Ballad game, offering no help to his friend whatsoever. To me, this first few episode is downright boring as there is really not much happening aside from some character introduction which are not interesting… at first. However, it gets really good by the middle of the series ( like Steins; Gate… Crap! Stop the comparison!). The story gets darker and darker by each episode and the many subplots seems to have a clearer meaning as they reveal more information. The cliffhangers at the end of most episode really keep you in suspense. However, towards the end of the series, you’ll finally realize that the many subplots (and I mean there are too many subplots in this series) that seems to have some relationship with one another, some of them does not related to anything at all. It’s just a, well, subplot but it does keeps us in suspense. It’s very disappointing and frustrating since you really want a satisfying pay back at the end of the series and see the bigger picture behind these subplots but you won’t get any. The subplots itself is good but when you don’t get good ending, it becomes meaningless. The ending though, the big conspiracy thingy is nothing but a bad guy trying to conquer the world, in a different way…which is actually badass.


The characters are pretty good and interesting. The main Yashio Kaito is one of the members of the Robotics Club. His is very skilled at a mecha fighting game called Kill-Ballad as he is ranked fourth in the world. He has a disease caused by a strange solar flare when he is little which is called ‘Elephant Mouse Syndrome’. He experiences slow motion in real life if the syndrome strikes which actually benefit his physical reaction but every time he experiences it, he feels like he is going to die… which is not a nice thing to experience. The syndrome only strikes after he is so tired using too much energy or he is too stressed. His laid back personality can be annoying at times considering he does nothing but playing his game. Even so, he will always be with his friends when he is needed.


Senomiya Akiho is an energetic and ambitious girl who has a dream of finishing building a giant robot called Gunvarrel which is left by her sister. She is a very optimistic girl to the point that I really want to just tell her, ‘stop being so idealistic woman. You yourself know constructing the Gunvarrel is impossible’. Though at some point when she really does not being idealistic, that’s when my heart breaks as I know she is not being herself. I mean, if even the most optimistic person in the series thinks bad things are going to happen, that really means shit is really going to happen right? Contrary to Kaito, Akiho experiences fast motion when the ‘Elephant Mouse Syndrome’ strikes, caused by the same solar flare.

Other characters are captivating in their own way and for some reason, most of them if not all have their own traumatic and tragic past. Some of them are of course more tragic than the other, I can’t deny that some of the tragic events are forced. The best example is Jun’s backstory. I don’t think that’s a very tragic experience yet we are forced to feel like it’s a very tragic event. Her backstory could be more interesting but just accepting the whole thing is not a very difficult thing to do. Also, there is one character from Steins; Gate in this series and I don’t think it would be a spoiler if I tell you who. Knowing who the person is doesn’t really add or minus anything actually but still, telling you is just something that I won’t do. It will only be a hassle anyway. Watch it and find it out yourself damn it!… Just kidding. It’s Nae.


Now, if I have to say something about the animation, I think it is too bright. Literally, the colours are too bright it certainly feels like a normal slice of life anime. Maybe it wants to fit in with the first half’s slice of life atmosphere… Why the hell did I force myself to talk about the animation?

Don’t you think the dub is a little sloppy? I think the dub is a bit low in quality than I expected but I got used to it after a while so it’s not exactly that bad. Maybe I’m just got introduced to better dubs previously.


Overall I think this is a pretty good anime. The main plot of the story is generic (though you will not realize its generic-ness until the end of the series… which is a good thing I guess) but the subplots are very thrilling and engaging. You will be introduced to a great build-up but it will all break you down after you see the ending. I’m pretty sure you should watch it only for the build-up rather than the pay back. And one thing I’ll tell you, don’t compare this to Steins; Gate, at all. Stop comparing these two and you will enjoy this series to the fullest because these two has very little in common.

~4 Out of 5 Stars~

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    • Well, I watched this anime while keeping in mind not to compare it with Steins Gate because if I did compare them, I don’t think I will give justice towards this anime. And is Chaos Head really that bad? I’m curious about how bad it is… which is why I think I will eventually watch it.


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