Robotics; Notes Review

Robotics notes


Yashio Kaito is a laid back high schooler who joins a robot club led by his childhood female friend Senomiya Akiho. Akiho has a dream to finish building a giant robot called Gunvarrel which is started by her sister, a former club member. Kaito on the other hand knows that Akiho’s dream is almost impossible to reach considering only the two of them are the club members. Not to mention, they lack financially and are inexperienced in the field. However, things might come in handy after they succeed in recruiting new members. With some motivated new members, they might pull off this dream of Akiho’s


I’m finally back hahaha!!! Ha…. NOW!

I believe the same case goes to most people, I watched this show because it is ‘related’ to Steins; Gate. I know Steins; Gate is an amazing anime so I didn’t hope for this show to be better than or as good as Steins; Gate. My expectation toward Robotic; Notes is to be as close as possible to Steins; Gate because I know almost nothing can beat or even be on the same level as Steins; Gate. And to be honest, the build-up of this anime does came up to my expectation but the ending is a total let down.

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