Land of The Lustrous: What’s With The Ending!??

Phos is Life.gif

The general premise of this anime is about these crystalline organisms called gems which inhabits the world. These organisms are actually immortal sparkling valuable jewels living on an island and are always fighting the Lunarians, another species that inhabits the world in which their only purpose is to attack the gems, break them and take them to ‘the moon’ for decoration. This series is basically about the gems fighting and surviving the attacks from the Lunarians for millennials.

It’s been a long time since I actually intended to watch this series. The main reason I want to watch this is obviously because of the gorgeous 3D animation which is pretty much non-existent anywhere else, at least in the anime industry. The scene that pretty much sold me to the anime is the scene where Diamond is running at night under the moonlight. It’s just so beautiful!

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Red Data Girl: Knowing Japanese Legends is a Necessity

Red Data Girl 3.jpg

I just watched Red Data Girl and I have to admit, I am super confused. I had high hopes for this anime. It had potential but unfortunately, it is really bad at worldbuilding. I think that’s the main flaw of the series.

First off we have our main character, Suzuhara Izumiko who for some reason can’t interact with any electrical devices because if she does, all the electrical devices within the diameter of about one class will malfunction. She also has many other ‘spiritual’ abilities such as being able to detect shikigami disguised as a human effortlessly. She is later revealed to be half Goddess. Because of this, two mountain monks by the name of Sagara Yukimasa and his son Sagara Miyuki are tasked to guard her from any harm especially from the shikigami. The story starts for real after Izumiko and Miyuki are also forced to enroll in a school full of students that are spiritually talented for reasons that I honestly forgot or just don’t understand from the beginning.

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Portal is a Very Creepy Game

Portal Poster

This time it’s going to be a little bit different because I’m going to talk about a video game I recently played. I think this will be the only occasion where I’ll talk about video game so don’t worry, after this I’ll stick back to my anime format.

Now I’m not a gamer, obviously. I don’t play that much video games. But of course every now and then I’ll play some games to fill in my leisure time and I mostly play the more popular ones. You know, the normal first person shooter games like the Call of Duty and Crysis series, the Command and Conquer genre like the Red Alert series and Generals and sometimes a little bit of The Sims or City Skyline. I’m just a guy who sometimes play games… like normal people. But I do want to share my thoughts and experience of this one particular game that I really like called Portal.

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My Thoughts On The Fate Series



A little bit of overview for those who haven’t watched this series. Don’t worry, there’s no spoilers.

So first of all there is a war that is called the ‘Holy Grail War’. In this war 7 masters summon 7 servants fighting to win the ‘Holy Grail’, an omnipotent wish granting device. Each master is chosen by the grail to participate in the war and most of them have a wish they desire to be fulfilled. The only way they can win the grail is by surviving the war and being the last man standing. And so, 7 masters with their own servants fight to the death to win this grail.

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Nagi no Asukara Review

Nagi no asukara


Four middle schoolers Hikari, Chisaki, Manaka and Kaname have to move to a new school on the surface after their school is closed due to low number of students. Being sea dwellers, they find it a bit hard to accommodate and comfort themselves in their new school as both the sea dwellers and the surface dwellers have prejudice attitude towards each other.

The first surface dwellers to actually become friends with the sea dwellers is Tsumugu but this actually only makes their relationship much more complicated.


I watched a pretty similar anime called Anonatsu de Matteru/Waiting in The Summer and thought that the love triangles in that anime is not enough. And then I watched this anime, Nagi no Asukara and thought “this is exactly what I was looking for all this while!!! All the very deliberately convoluted love triangles, this anime is perfect!!!” Don’t get me wrong, I really like Anonatsu but I think I might like it more if the love triangles are more complicated and I think that the ending is not as satisfying.

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Summer Wars Review



Koiso Kenji is invited by her dream girl Shinohara Natsuki to help her  celebrate her great-grandmother’s birthday party at the countryside. Not knowing that he will actually play as her fiancée, he follows along rather happily. One night, he receieved a mail consist of cryptic code numbers and quickly solves the code without any hesitation. His action leads him to become a suspect of hacking into OZ, a virtual reality world. In order to clear his name, he must fight against the true hacker in any way possible.


After watching ‘The Girl Who Leapt Through Time’ and ‘Wolf Children’ and hearing many positive feedbacks about the director Hasoda Mamoru, I think I might want to see some of his other works. So this led me to this anime which is pretty good. I really enjoy watching it. It has some great moments.

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Robotics; Notes Review

Robotics notes


Yashio Kaito is a laid back high schooler who joins a robot club led by his childhood female friend Senomiya Akiho. Akiho has a dream to finish building a giant robot called Gunvarrel which is started by her sister, a former club member. Kaito on the other hand knows that Akiho’s dream is almost impossible to reach considering only the two of them are the club members. Not to mention, they lack financially and are inexperienced in the field. However, things might come in handy after they succeed in recruiting new members. With some motivated new members, they might pull off this dream of Akiho’s


I’m finally back hahaha!!! Ha…. NOW!

I believe the same case goes to most people, I watched this show because it is ‘related’ to Steins; Gate. I know Steins; Gate is an amazing anime so I didn’t hope for this show to be better than or as good as Steins; Gate. My expectation toward Robotic; Notes is to be as close as possible to Steins; Gate because I know almost nothing can beat or even be on the same level as Steins; Gate. And to be honest, the build-up of this anime does came up to my expectation but the ending is a total let down.

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