K-ON Movie Review



High school is coming an end and graduation day is getting very near. The senior club members of the Light Music Club decided to go on a graduation trip in London.


Yes!! I finally managed to review the whole sequel of K-ON. I’m the type of person who will almost certainly watch the sequel of an anime even if the I don’t particularly like the first season of the show (that means I really should check out the second season of Seitokai Yakuindomo by now) and so far, watching that way is really worth it. Take The Haruhi Suzumiya series for example, I don’t like the series but I truly adore the movie. I think I’ll continue to watch anime like this until I found one anime that really pisses me off from start to finish. That said, I think it’s time for us to get into the review.

The Light Music Club members are going on a graduation trip to London, isn’t that exciting? Well, whether or not you are excited, they are especially Mio. Gosh, her expression when they make a final decision to go to London is very cute! Actually, there is not much going on in this movie apart from its ending. Expect the same old same old from season 1 and season 2 and that pretty much sums up the movie. The only difference is it takes place in London. However, the ending is the best and the most important part of the movie. Since the movie is not a sequel to the second season as it actually occurs during the time period of the second season, the ending of the movie is the same as the ending of second season plus some extra detail. The more detailed explanation of the ending really adds the sad feeling of separation to the series. Heart-warming ending yes, just like the second season ending…with a little extra detail.

k-on mio revolve
Wait a minute. I didn’t know Mio is scared of anything that ‘revolve’. Am I missing something from the series?

The characters, I can’t really say much about them. They really enjoy spending time in London haha…. Okay on serious note, the senior club members really care for their junior Azusa Especially Yui. Since they are going to graduate soon and leave Azusa behind, Yui comes out with an idea to give a very memorable present to Azusa which is a farewell song. Even in London, they are very determined to write a big scaled song which they have never done before. And in my opinion, Tenshi ni Fureta Yo is indeed a very memorable farewell song.

The animation is slightly better than the series as there are some nice 3D movements and some good London scenery. The music is great as always. The Daredevil song at the beginning really caught me off guard. When the music started, I thought this must be the opening song for the movie. But then I realized, why the heck are they playing metal rock music? Isn’t K-ON songs should be cute and fluffy? However the real opening song is really good. It’s cute and relaxing (of course there’s some ‘stress’), I found myself listening to it multiple times after finishing the movie.

The girls do indeed perform some songs. In fact, I think they perform more in the movie than the first and second season combined. Now that I’ve watched the movie, I know now why Yui shouts ‘sky high’ at the end of the song ‘Gohan wa Okazu’ and why the verse is repeated. I always like the movie version more than the series version of the song. k-on movie 2 In the dub version, when Yui starts singing the song Tenshi no fureta Yo in English, I hoped that they would perform it to Azusa in English. I hoped that there was an English version of the song. It turned out that they didn’t sing it in English…. I have to say something about the dub!!!

All in all, I think this movie is a perfect way to end the series. The fact that it occurs in the time period of season 2 is clever and very effective to say goodbye. The story does have a proper ending I might add but the overall atmosphere apart from its ending has the same feeling as the series. The characters are the same too as there is no new character. I must say, my final rating is too general. Maybe I should change my rating system?

~Lower 4 Out of 5 Stars~

2 thoughts on “K-ON Movie Review

  1. I liked the parts set in London, but it started to drag a bit by the end (they were just retreading ideas from the series once they returned to Japan.)


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