Is The Order A Rabbit? Review



Cocoa Hoto moves into a new town and have to stay at a place called ‘Rabbit House’ soon finds out that Rabbit House is actually a coffee café. She has to work as a waitress at the café to pay for her accommodation. While working and schooling there, she meets with many colourful people and have fun working and spending time with them in the new place she’s living.


After witnessing Attack on Titan, I wanted to watch something with a more toned down atmosphere. Something which has nothing to do with killing. Something more calm. Well, it turns out that I found this adorably cute moe anime series. I thought, even if the anime is just Moe blob slice of life where nothing happens, it’d still be a good choice of anime to watch. I found this anime through Yamaki’s review. I felt super relaxed when I read his review not particularly because of his words but because of the pictures (wait what?). The serene feeling that got to me was so strong I thought this must be the anime I was looking for. Why not give it a try? It might be good. Well honestly to me, it’s really good.

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