Grimgar VS SAO: Early Promises and The Delivery

Grimgar Wallpaper

Yes so, I’m going to do a little bit of comparison between Grimgar: Ashes and Illusions and the first season of Sword Art Online. You might ask, why do I compare these two in the first place? Well it’s because I can’t help but feel Grimgar is SAO done right. There are reasons for this and to me, the reason is because SAO has three promises that it gives us during the first three episodes which are the danger of its world, the potential deaths of party members and the skill progression. In all these regards, I think Grimgar managed to execute them better without any early promises.

Warning: Not so minor spoilers ahead

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How Kuroki Tomoko Evolves

Tomoko Kuroki

‘It’s Not My Fault I’m Not Popular’ is a really fun series. It’s also very cringey and depressing at the same time but I love it nonetheless. The reason is quite simple, it’s very relatable to me. As a shy and introverted person who is struggling with social anxiety, I can see a lot of myself in the main character, Kuroki Tomoko. I don’t try as hard as her to be popular or sociable, of course but I can see myself fail as miserably as her if I tried. So yea, none of the things Tomoko experiences are experienced by me (but maybe only in my mind).

I honestly think Tomoko has evolved from the the anime, the manga after the anime and the later part of the manga. Her personality, although very slightly, changes. How others see her also changes, how she sees other people changes and even the number of people she hangs out with increase over time.

I divide the change into three different stages.

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