Day 10 – Chihaya’s First Match Against The Queen of Karuta

Chihaya VS Shionobu 5

Anime: Chihayafuru

All Karuta matches in Chihayafuru is good and intense but my favourite is the first battle between Chihaya and Shinobu. In other matches, Chihaya’s the centre of attention whether or not she wins but in this match, Shinobu takes the spotlight effortlessly.

Shinobu’s first swing of the match pretty much sets the bar not only for the rest of the match but for the rest of the anime. This first swing lets everybody knows that she’s one syllable faster than an average Class A player and that her accuracy is unfathomable. The rest of the match shows how superior and unchallenged she is by Chihaya. Our main character almost can’t do anything at all. The match is completely one sided but that’s what makes the game very enjoyable.

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Kimi ni Todoke: The Most Shoujo Anime I’ve Ever Watched!


This is, by far the most shoujo anime I have ever watched. Just look at how shoujo it is!!! Anime can’t POSSIBLY be more shoujo than this.

That said, I actually watched it till the end. It has 2 seasons with 25 episodes for the first season and 12 episodes in the second season.

The first season is pretty… meh. Well it’s decent in a way that it’s everything you expect a shoujo anime would be. You know, the normal stuff. An outcasted main girl who falls in love with the popular guy who always helps her and treats everyone equally. The second season, however, is downright awful. It has little to no plot or character development. It focuses solely on the main couple disregarding the other more captivating potential couples they could’ve explored. Most importantly, the plot is just unnecessary sloooowwww. I mean seriously, if you have two freaking episodes only to have the main girl contemplating whether or not she should give her valentine chocolate to her crush, that’s a little too much. Do they cover like half a chapter of the manga in one episode or something??

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