How I Become an Anime Fan


As you all probably know, I only started watching anime during late 2012 and I haven’t watched that much anime since then. I know that from 2012 up until now is a long time and I should already have watched a considerable amount of anime. However I actually haven’t watched that much anime because of some reasons that prohibited me from doing so even if I wanted to.

A few years ago during the year 2011, I happened to make new friends as I was transferred to a new school. I am very picky when it comes to choosing friends so I only made very few close friends that I often talked with. Well, I am an introvert after all. Coincidently, these few friends that I made all watched anime. So that was when it all began. Continue reading

Getting Started: Anime Blog

Hello everyone. Thank you for visiting my new blog. I really hope you enjoy what I will post in the future. Here is a tiny bit of what I think I will do in the near future and of course a little bit about myself.


I’m actually new in the anime culture so I may not know much about anime stuffs and I have not seen many anime yet. However, I’d love to share my thoughts about it with someone. Anyone. So, a blog is an opportunity for me to do it. I started watching anime during the last months of 2012. The first series I watched was School Rumble. Influenced by my anime fan friends, I reluctantly gave it a try and surprisingly, I started to grow fond towards the series and then anime as a whole.

One thing I can see in this blog is the change of my perspective and opinion over time. Since I’m still new, my opinion on anime might be different a few years from now. That’s quite interesting to me. Okay, maybe some would think that I could watch a lot of anime from 2012 up to now. But the truth is I didn’t because of some circumstances that inhibited myself watching it even if I wanted to. So now, I’ll try to watch more anime.


I’m planning to write reviews/impressions on anime movies. I’ll be focusing on anime movies rather than series. At least for now. I am a slow writer so reviewing movies will be easier for me to post something every week. Another thing that I will do is reviewing or share my thoughts of local comics. Comics that are influenced and have many similarities with anime of course. I’m doing this to try catching local readers that is Malaysian. I hope they will find my posts captivating. This is also a way for me to promote the comics right?

All in all, I’ll try to write something every week. Yes, currently my (sort of) schedule is one post a week. My writing sucks right now but I will definitely grow as time goes by. So I hope you enjoy reading my posts. Feel free to comment or even follow. And finally, thanks for reading.