Day 1 – Akane’s Struggle To Save Her Friend

Akane 1

Anime: Psycho-Pass

Psycho-pass to me is one of the most intense and thrilling anime I’ve ever seen. Its world building is great, the story element sprinkled with mystery is phenomenal and the characters are well-developed. I really like how Akane develops from season 1 to season 2 and then the movie. She’s a really good and admirable character.

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One Outs Review

one outs 4


Tokuchi Toua is a master gambler who plays a simplified version of baseball called ‘one outs’. The rule of one outs is very simple, there is one pitcher and one batter. If the ball strikes three times, the pitcher wins but if the ball goes out of the infield, the batter wins. He is the unbeatable one outs player in the Okinawa area until one day, he is (kinda) defeated by a professional veteran batter named Kojima Hiromichi. He is persuaded by Kojima to join his team, the Lycoans baseball club and be a professional baseball player. He accepts it.

He then meets the team owner and negotiates a contract that has a ridiculously great disadvantage to his side; for every out he records, he will earn 5 million yen but for every run scored against him, he has to pay 50 million yen to the owner.


I’ve heard people say that this anime has many similarities with Death Note because of the mind games. Since they said it was similar to Death Note which is one of my favourite anime series, I thought to give this anime a try. And oh boy did I enjoy the hell out of this anime.

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