‘Otaku’ is a sensitive word?


Scene 1

“ I’m an otaku,”

“Oh my God oh my God oh my God! Don’t you know that otaku is actually an insult in Japan?!”

“Yes but…,”

“And yet you still use this word? You’re a total disgrace to the society! You have no life whatsoever and all you do all day is watch anime,”

“That’s not really true actually…,”

“Get the hell out of here you freaking weaboo!!”


Scene 2

“I’m an otaku,”

“Oh really? You really think you’re an otaku? Do you know who Akane Riko is?”

“Well, since you mentioned it, I guess she’s a voice actress?”

“WRONG!!! She’s a voice actress, a singer and a dancer. She also draws a little bit of manga,”

“Whoa that’s cool!”

“But you don’t know her right? I bet you don’t even know even one character she plays and yet you call yourself an otaku? You’re a total disgrace to all ‘real otaku’ out there’!!”

“Sorry then, I didn’t mean…,”

“Get the hell out of here you false otaku!!”

Of course these scenes are a bit exaggerated and I just made up the name but you get what I mean right? These situations are pretty much the more obvious situations and one of the first things I’ve seen entering the anime culture.

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