Why is it Kuroko no Basket and not Kagami no Basket?

kuroko ignite pass

When I first watched this anime, I always wondered why the title is Kuroko no Basket instead of Kagami no Basket or any other character names in the anime. This is because Kagami is always in the spotlight. He’s the character that is improving and evolving every single match whereas Kuroko is just there to either relay information about the Generation of Miracles or to enhance Kagami’s ability even more. Kuroko really doesn’t look like the main character in the anime. So I find it quite weird for the title to be his name instead of the more prominent and influenced Kagami.
I got the answer now though. The answer is this anime really is about Kuroko. The overarching plot is about him improving and realizing his flaws ever so slowly that it took almost two seasons before he basically fully develops. All the other characters, while having their own arcs, are not as important as Kuroko’s arc.

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One Year Mark: The Only 2015 Anime That I Watched


That’s right, this blog is now one year old WOHOOO!!!! YEEEAAHHHH!!!! And that’s about it.

Since this blog’s one year anniversary is the end of the year, I thought to share my thoughts on very few anime that came out this year that I actually watched. I’ve mentioned this a few times before, I don’t watch that much anime as many other anime fan do. So these are the only titles this year that I got around to watch.

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My Reactions Towards The Generation of Miracle’s Abilities


*Warning, this post contains spoilers*

If you don’t know yet, I looove Kuroko no basuke. It is one of my favourite anime I’ve seen. If you ask me which season is my favourite, I’d say the first season. Why? Because that was when I thought those GoM’s abilities were amazing I was utterly shocked when their abilities were first revealed. Season 2 was quite daunting and dragging, Murasakibara’s ability is only revealed at the end of the season. In season 3, the abilities have become totally illogical and nonsense… But still cool though.

The best thing I like when watching this anime is my shock towards seeing their abilities. The anime manages to manipulate the audience’s mind to believe that all these abilities are in fact humanly possible when it is actually not. It manages to make us expect less than and what they will be giving. We can always expect one of them to able to fly or something but we didn’t. Or at least I didn’t. That’s why I think this anime is a genius manipulator. Not to mention it also manages to make the matches thrilling explained by ‘this interesting post’ by Kai from Delucar which also proves that it is genius at manipulating us.

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How I Become an Anime Fan


As you all probably know, I only started watching anime during late 2012 and I haven’t watched that much anime since then. I know that from 2012 up until now is a long time and I should already have watched a considerable amount of anime. However I actually haven’t watched that much anime because of some reasons that prohibited me from doing so even if I wanted to.

A few years ago during the year 2011, I happened to make new friends as I was transferred to a new school. I am very picky when it comes to choosing friends so I only made very few close friends that I often talked with. Well, I am an introvert after all. Coincidently, these few friends that I made all watched anime. So that was when it all began. Continue reading

Liebster Award


So, thanks again Fabledhunter for nominating me for this award. You can check his Liebster award here. I mentioned again because he was the one who tagged me for doing the basic questions thing. I might say I was lucky because if he didn’t tag me and nominate me for this award, I don’t know who will considering I’m not active in the anime blogging community. Regardless, I feel happy to get the chance to do something like this again.

It should be noted that there are a few rules to this award which I will disclose at the end of this post. Without further ado, let’s answer the questions given by my nominator.

  1. Do you have any hobbies which aren’t related to anime?

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Kuroko no Basuke Review (Season 1)

Kuroko’s Basketball



Teiko middle school basketball club is considered unrivaled after winning every championship they participate. At that club, there are five well known prodigies which are called the ‘Generation of Miracle’. After graduated, the five of them went to different high schools representing their school’s basketball club. Kuroko who was once the member of Teiko’s basketball club went to Seirin high school and determined to defeat the arrogant ‘Generation of Miracle’ with his style of play.


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