Daily Lives Of Highschool Boys Review

Daily Lives of Highschool Boys


This anime is about Highschool Boys doing their normal boring everyday routine. They chit chat about trivial things such as girls, skirts and panties (of course). They play pranks and talk crap about each other. Yup, normal highchool boys.


Now this anime is hilarious. It’s one of the best comedy I’ve seen so far. It doesn’t have a particular plot or a vast number of unique characters but the way the anime delivers its comedy is top notch, using the correct timing for all the punchlines. All the jokes are very random. The jokes are conveyed in shorts skits before the punchlines hit you and sometimes hit you real hard. Only some rare occasion did the joke miss. The setting is the same either going to school, going home from school, being at school or being in a friend’s house but the scenarios are different.

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