Kiss Him, Not Me: Kae’s Obsession Towards Yaoi

Kiss Him Not Me 4.png

This series is about a horizontally challenged girl who is way too obsessed with the otaku culture especially yaoi. One day, her favourite character of an anime died which led her to a state of depression. She doesn’t go out of her room for a week and of course also doesn’t eat. After a week, she finally went out of her room and after she looks herself in the mirror, she finds out that she’s now HOT AS HELL. And so, that’s when the story starts.

I was actually attracted to this series when I heard that the main character transforms her appearance drastically because of her depression. I find it funny (I’m so sorry for those who are genuinely depressed). Now this series is mostly comedic and it relies almost entirely on the fact that Kae, the main character is obsessed with yaoi.

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Grisaia no Kajitsu Anime Amane’s Route Review



On 14th August six years before the time period of Grisaia no Kajitsu, Amane and her basketball team went to a training camp. They were riding a mini bus on the way back when an unfortunate disaster befall them as one of the tyres of the bus suddenly blows up making the vehicle hard to control and eventually fell down the cliff. There were than stranded at the bottom of the cliff for days//two weeks.


Okay now, why didn’t I review the whole anime? Well, that’s because I think all the other characters’ background stories are pretty…forgettable. Yes the characters are strong and their background stories are tragic and dark but I just I don’t remember much from other characters. That’s because the pacing of the anime is too rushed, I didn’t have the time to really get attached to any of the characters except Amane. The bakcground story of Amane is, to me, well paced. I feel thrilling only when watching Amane’s route. It is the best background story in the series in my opinion. So, let’s just go to what I think about her background story.

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