Sound! Euphonium Review

Sound! Euphonium


The story follows Oumae Kumiko who wants a new life in her new highschool. During middle school, her concert band got a ‘dud gold’ for the prefecture competition so she wants to forget about it and get away from it. However, her new friends in highschool insisted her on joining the school’s ‘helpless’ concert band and she joined the very thing she wanted to get away with full of hesitation.


This is NOT another version of K-on… because let’s be real, after seeing the cover photo everyone thinks it’s just another KyoAni’s cutesy girl show. So did I. Until I actually watch the anime that is. Well to be honest, even if this anime is just another Moe show, I’d watch it anyway because of the beautiful animation.  But I have to say that this anime rocks hard as the primary focus is not on the Moe side.

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