Land of The Lustrous: What’s With The Ending!??

Phos is Life.gif

The general premise of this anime is about these crystalline organisms called gems which inhabits the world. These organisms are actually immortal sparkling valuable jewels living on an island and are always fighting the Lunarians, another species that inhabits the world in which their only purpose is to attack the gems, break them and take them to ‘the moon’ for decoration. This series is basically about the gems fighting and surviving the attacks from the Lunarians for millennials.

It’s been a long time since I actually intended to watch this series. The main reason I want to watch this is obviously because of the gorgeous 3D animation which is pretty much non-existent anywhere else, at least in the anime industry. The scene that pretty much sold me to the anime is the scene where Diamond is running at night under the moonlight. It’s just so beautiful!

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Hina Festival: I Feel Really Bad for Hitomi

Hitomi 4

I’m pretty sure many people watched last season’s Hinamatsuri/ Hina Festival right? It’s one of the highlights of last season. Well of course, last season’s anime were a bit sporadic, having so many ‘highlight of the season’ anime To the point there was not one anime that got exclusive focus from the fandom. Not even My Hero Academia.

In any case, I love Hina Festival. It’s one the funniest anime I’ve ever watched (The funniest is SKET Dance. I haven’t watched Gintama, I’m so sorry). Now I’ve even finished reading the manga until the latest chapter, waiting very patiently for more chapters to come. The characters are interesting, funny most of the time and have character growth.Most of the comedic timing is just perfect. It also has some very emotional and touching moments especially when (best girl) Anzu is on screen. Those are my favourite moments in the anime.

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I’ve Read Quite a Few Manga Lately

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As mentioned in the title, yes I’ve read a lot of manga lately. At least a lot for me. I actually don’t read manga that much because I’m a really slow reader. In fact, I actually don’t really need manga at all (aside from some shoujo manga that that are translated into my local language). I only watch anime for the most part. However recently I somehow read a considerable number of manga because…. I don’t have a choice.

Okay so, I actually started my internship program under my college two months ago and my workplace is quite far from my house. It’s a two hours train ride going to work and another two hours going home from work. So basically I spend around 4 hours every day on the train… standing up (because I’m young so of course they’ll be other older people who need the seats more than I do). I don’t wanna waste my time daydreaming on the train as it’ll be boring real quick so I decided to read manga on the train. Well sometimes I write but most of the time, I read manga. I definitely don’t scroll social media though. For some reason, it’s the least interesting thing to do on the train.

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Yomogi Mochi Yaketa Manga Review



Haruno Yomogi is a high school girl who is obsessed with money. She would do absolutely anything (except for anything pervy and painful) to get some. Since she treasures money so much, love is probably the last thing on her mind. However, Wakky and Natsume, her childhood male friend looks strangely attractive lately. Maybe, just maybe she might experience romance and love for the first time?


I don’t usually review a manga but I’ll do something different this time. This is not an exceptionally great manga or anything but since it’s the first ever manga that I read (as far as I can remember), I think it deserve some sort of special treatment by me. So now, I’m going to review a shoujo manga that I first read 4 years ago. Of course I reread it for the sake of this review. Oh, and I didn’t watch anime yet at that time.

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Jejak Libasan Jaguh Review



It’s a story about an ordinary boy named Lee Chong Wei when he was a kid. He starts to play badminton only because he is trying to save a cat from a cat bully. He is brave enough to accept the cat bully’s challenge which is a duel of badminton even though he is not good at it. A local badminton coach sees them play and sense something special about Chong Wei thus, offers himself to coach him. That’s where it all begins.


This comic is more or less the biodata of Malaysia’s number one badminton player, Datuk Lee Chong Wei. In order to spice things up, parts of the story is not true. Well, they have to lie a little bit to make the story interesting because if not, no one would buy it right?

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Le. Gardenie First Impressions



The story is about Orange, a 15 year old boy and his childhood friend Kiwi. The new school term has just started and they go to school as usual. Orange finds himself falling for a beautiful girl named Apple instantly (love at first sight). While trying to pursue his dream girl, Orange meets another beautiful girl named Lemon who, in his eyes, is a very good person. However, Kiwi knows that Lemon is only pretending to be good for whatever reasons. Before long, Lemon gradually steals Orange’s heart towards her and makes Kiwi look like an untrustworthy friend. Now, Orange have to choose between Kiwi and Lemon, who actually is the wolf in disguise?


It’s about time I posted something about local comic. Well, I have actually read a few local comics before but I just didn’t have the urge to write a review on them. But this particular comic book is really good, I immediately thought to write a review on it as soon as I finished it. I haven’t read the rest of the story because I haven’t bought them yet but I’m guessing they will be just as great. It would be a shame if the rest of the story turns out to be bad because the first volume is really good, it have the potential to be a great story. Oh, and there are four volumes in total. Continue reading