Four Years Mark: The Only 2018 Anime That I Watched

Happy anniversary to me! This blog is now four years old. Yes relatively, I can be called a veteran now in terms of how long I’ve been sticking around. However, in terms of actual posts, meh… Inconsistent content is kinda my brand now lol but I’ve been active for 6 months now so I hope I can continue to post regularly for at least another 6 months.

As I did in the past years, I will celebrate my anniversary by writing about shows that came out this year that I actually watched. For some reason that I’m unsure of, I don’t watch newer anime that much and I especially don’t watch seasonal anime. So can I fit ALL 2018 shows that I watched this year into one post? Yes, yes I can cause it’s only like 10 shows… Let’s begin.

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Day 5 – Massacres

Cells at Work Massacre.png

Anime: Cells at Work

Yes, this show is cute. Yes, this show is fluffy. And yes, this show is educational. But man, no one can ignore the number of kills in this anime. It must be millions every single episode. Heck, I don’t even want to know how many died in the last arc of the anime.

Let’s not get ahead of myself here. If you haven’t watched this anime for some reason, you’ve probably heard about it because it’s super popular it’s impossible to miss. So in every episode, there will be a problem inside the body and the cells have to work and find solutions to the problem. The problems can range from having virus or bacteria attacks to allergy and wound. It seems pretty interesting and normal, right? Well of course it is! Other than the fact that MILLIONS of cells actually die as a result to those problems every episode…

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