Kaguya-sama Love is War – Essentially A Comedy

Kaguya 1

The more popular anime from last season ended a while ago and it has received much praise from many people including myself. It’s a comedy anime about two people liking each other but refuses to confess to each other because in doing so, they declare that they are the loser of their own love war. They subconsciously know that the other person likes them back so they always make the most elaborate plans to lure the other person into accidentally confessing or imply a confession. Both Shinomiya Kaguya and Shirogane Miyuki are depicted as intelligent students but they use their intelligence for idiotic purposes.

Now as I mentioned, a lot of people really enjoyed watching this anime. I like it a lot too. The timing of the jokes are good, the characters are fun and their interaction with each other is very funny especially when more characters are introduced. However, I think there’s just something off with the anime compared to the manga. It’s the pacing. The pacing of the anime is considerably slower than the manga. One chapter of the manga is adapted in around 7 minutes in the anime. That is very slow because it takes at most half of that time to finish reading one chapter of the manga. You might have heard people saying this anime has some Death Note vibe. I honestly don’t get the Death Note vibe when I watch the anime but I sure did when I read the manga because the back on forth battle between Kaguya and the president feels really fast. Some chapters don’t have Love Detective Chika to screw things up so it really feels like the two of them fighting head on. I like the anime but it really doesn’t feel like Death Note as people claim it to be.

Kaguya and Fujiwara Reaction

Some manga readers say that the anime will ‘get good’ particularly after the fireworks arc. This is true… but also not true. The anime doesn’t adapt the events after the fireworks arc so we can’t really compare it to the manga. But I honestly think the series doesn’t change much even after the fireworks arc. It is essentially a comedy anime and it certainly focuses on the comedy. The characters do get some developments but on the comedic side, they’re just the same. If you don’t like the comedy of the first episode, you probably won’t like the rest of the series.

President 1

I once compared this anime to Gamers since both anime are comedic while also has some elements of drama and character progression. I was hoping that this anime would progress just like how Gamers progressed. But now I realized that these two anime are actually quite different. The difference is that the status quo of the characters in Kaguya-sama doesn’t change. Kaguya and the president won’t confess to each other, Chika is still good at ruining other people’s plans, and Ishigami is their punching bag. Even much later in the manga, the enjoyment grows not because of the change of character dynamics but because more characters are introduced thus more interaction between more characters can occur which ultimately creates more joke opportunities.

Ishigami 1

It looks like I’m bashing the anime but I’m not. I really like the manga and the anime. Like I mentioned, I think the jokes are very well done and the characters are fun. However, I just don’t think that the descriptions about this anime provided by some manga readers are accurate. At least, I don’t see this anime or even the manga the same way they do. In addition, I kinda figured out that the anime will end at one of the high notes of the manga which is the fireworks arc, given how the first episode was adapted. It is a bit disappointing because if more characters are introduced, the anime would be much more enjoyable.

Will I enjoy the anime if I never read the manga? I probably would but maybe not as much as I enjoyed the manga.

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