Hey, It Has Been A Long Time!

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Hey there, I’m back! It’s been quite a while since I’ve last posted here. Well okay my previous post about To The Moon is just there to break the very long silence. I missed my weekly Kaguya-sama review and I even abandoned Yomu’s collaboration project. (I’m really sorry!) I do plan to finish the posts. I think that’s what I should do even if it’s super late.

Many things happened while I’m gone and I’m going to talk some of them.

To start things off, my grandfather fell down and and fractured his left hip and left shoulder bone. How? He was getting out of a car from the passenger seat but misplaced his cane and fell down left shoulder first. It wasn’t really a big fall but my grandfather is 87 years old, a small accident could damage a lot to an old body like his.

He was sent to the hospital and my extended family took turns in taking care of him. I, my uncles, aunties, cousins all took turns in taking care of him. My mom especially stressed us to at least have one person with my grandfather at all times so we made schedules. Because his hip bone was fractured, he can’t move at all. So we have to help him do everything. And I mean EVERYTHING. I was tasked to take care of him on weekdays from morning to evening. It was hard at first but I got used to it quite soon. Most of the time my grandfather was sleeping anyway so I just sat beside him and read manga.

Hospital room.png

Then on the evening 7th day of taking care of him (the shift was not consistent, relying on who was free at the moment), my mother texted me asking me to go to the hospital near our house. She said that my dad was sick. I immediately went to the hospital and found out that my father was in the emergency zone. It was a very clueless night, I really didn’t know what was going on or what I should do. Only the next day it was confirmed, my dad got a heart attack. We were very fortunate to be able to send him to the hospital early. My mom doesn’t even have a license but drove the car anyway. This part was quite funny actually.

My dad was then sent to a normal ward. My mom was with my dad almost all the time while my siblings and I went back and forth from home to the hospital. Later, it was confirmed that three of my dad’s arteries have some blockage and one of them was 95% blocked. The doctors tried to put stent in the most blocked artery but failed. The artery was so blocked to the point the stent couldn’t fit. So the only alternative was… a heart bypass surgery.

A heart bypass surgery is a very major operation so of course all of my family members were scared. But we didn’t have any other choice. We could only pray to God and hope for the best. The surgery was scheduled 3 weeks after my dad got into the ward, because of queuing up and all that. We were all anxious and worried but fortunately, it all went well.

The surgery was a success and my dad is now conscious. In fact, he just got discharged from the hospital earlier today! His body is still very weak though. He walks very slowly and can’t even cough properly but he is getting healthier. He does his daily post-surgery exercise to strengthen his weakened body. I’m just very grateful that everything went well.

Hospital Hallway

So summary, my grandfather fell down and fractured his hip bone and left shoulder bone. I had to take care of him for a week. Then suddenly, my dad was hospitalized because of heart attack. A heart bypass surgery was made and was successful. He is now fine.

Everything is calmer now so I think I’m going to post more blog posts. I’m not going to be active as before though but I’ll try to at least post once a week. Anyway, it’s good to be back and I hope I can get along with all of you again! That’s it from me for today and goodbye for now ~

7 thoughts on “Hey, It Has Been A Long Time!

  1. Hey don’t feel pressured to finish the collab if there’s other anime you want to write about! Also welcome back and glad to hear things have settled down OK!
    Will keep you and your family in my prayers.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. gosh, one after the other. I’m sure you and your family will get through this. Keep fighting.
    and come back when all is good. no need to rush.


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