Replaying To The Moon

To The Moon Main Menu.png

I’ve been playing To The Moon again. It’s been a long time since I first played it. I think it was back in 2013. My friend was the one who introduced me to this game and I thank him for that.

Back then I wasn’t really into the narrative when it comes to games. I played games because of the gameplay, not because of the story. So when I played any video game, I skipped every cutscene (unless they can’t be skipped) and I ignored every dialogue. I couldn’t care less about what happened to the characters and the overall story. I just want to play the game.

Johnny Dying

When my friend introduced me to To The Moon and persuaded me time and time again to play it, I was kinda annoyed because to me, it isn’t a game. It is, well I don’t know at that time but I definitely didn’t categorize it as a game. However because of his constant persuasion, I finally gave in and played the game. He told me that this game will make me cry so that was what I was expecting.

And so I played the game as he intended. However, because I wasn’t into narrative in video game, I ignored almost everything in the game. I mean, I did read the dialogues (because that’s the whole game) but I didn’t really focus on the story which is not good considering the main focus of the game is in its narrative. When the game arrived at sad parts, I more or less get it but I sure wasn’t invested in it. I ended up thinking the game as… meh…

To The Moon Taking to the moon

A few years later, after countless positive reviews and reaction videos, I decided to play the game again just to confirm what the hell did I play anyway? Only then did I understand the wonders of this game. It is so beautiful, especially the music.

The story is so emotional. Because I already know what happens, I can’t play detective anymore but I’m still moved. Finding momentos, which I find quite a hassle during my first play is actually very enjoyable. I mean, I just want to see what’s significant to Johnny. And to me, the best part of the game is the banters between Dr. Eva and Dr. Watts. Their relationship is just so fun to watch. I totally didn’t notice it the first time I played this game. I really want to see them more and fortunately, their relationship is explored more in the 2 minisodes.

To The Moon Minisode 2

Ahh the minisodes… These 2 mini episodes make me interested in the series even more. It expands the universe of To The Moon, introduces more characters and explores established characters. It also reminds me of an anime called Re:Life. The organization, it’s pretty similar.

Perhaps the best part of the minisodes is the ending of minisode 2. It raises so many questions, I just HAVE to play the sequel series to get my questions answered. I doubt A Bird Story is going to answer any question but I’m sure Finding Paradise will. These games have been in my steam library for a very long time, I just haven’t played them. Why? I don’t know.

In conclusion, I once played To The Moon and didn’t really like it, played the game again and got really invested in the story. I can’t wait to play the other two games in the series. In fact, I’m playing it now!

To The Moon Anya

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