Kaguya-sama Love is War Episode 6: Our Man Ishigami

Ishigami 5.png

This episode introduces us a new character by the name of Ishigami Yu. He is the emo, lonesome, NEET-like character who is apparently good at processing data. His expertise in processing data is what attracts the president to choose him to be the treasurer of the student council. How does he appear in the anime? By telling us he will disappear in a short while because he wants to quit being a student council member.

Ishigami 1

He wants to quit because she is afraid of Kaguya. He thinks that Kaguya despises him and plans to murder him. He even thinks Kaguya has killed a few people before and plans to eventually kill him and Fujiwara. While he puts too much faith in his 5 to 6 percent of his assumption, scared of being killed by one of the members of the student council is a good enough reason to quit the student council. But in the end, the president asks him to put more faith in his colleagues. There’s NO WAY Kaguya ever even intends to kill anyone. Or does she?

Ishigami and Kaguya
His relationship with Kaguya is… interesting

In the second segment, we see him being terrified of even thinking about Kaguya. He genuinely thinks Kaguya is going to kill him, even if it’s just a made up scenario. Maybe he’s actually in love with Kaguya, just like what the game they’re playing suggests. But he won’t take the information at face value. There must be other reasons to why he thinks of Kaguya. Stockholm syndrome? Or suspension bridge effect perhaps? This guy just lost twice in a row.

Ishigami and Kaguya 2

In the third segment, he actually attempts to compliment Fujiwara as he notices a different smell coming from her direction. He makes an accurate guess about her changing her shampoo. He only wants to compliment her but his remark is actually quite weird and it backfires him very badly. Fujiwara calls him creepy instead of accepting it as a complement. It’s obviously not a reaction Ishigami expects so he asks to excuse himself and go home, ready to face his death. This is his first appearance and he has already lost thrice in a row.

Ishigami 6

Ishigami is an unfortunate character and he’ll probably be the punching bag of jokes from now on?? Actually, Ishigami has changed so much in the later part of the manga to the point I don’t remember how he is at the beginning of his appearance. Because of this, I’m really looking forward seeing him more.

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    • This anime was certainly blooming in popularity especially after the Chika dance. I really like this anime too (and the manga)! It’s the one anime that I anticipated the most last season.

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