This Art Club Has a Problem Episode 6: Seeing things from Collette’s point of view

Confused Colette.png

In this episode of Yomu’s collaboration project, I chose to focus on Collette. Unfortunately this episode doesn’t have much Collette but I’ll just have to make do. Collette is only on one segment so let’s take a look at the segment.

unusual sight 2

Firstly, she’s very worried about Usami with her unusual mood swing. Like I said in the previous episode, Collette is a very supportive friend so of course she’s worried about Usami who is now taking the President’s napping spot. Usami is usually cheerful and hilariously awkward around Uchimaki. What could possibly had happened for Usami to feel so down like this?

Confused Collette 2

Before she could ask Usami, Uchimaki enters the room consequently making everything even more gloomy and awkward. To make things even worse, Usami starts to throw pillows at Uchimaki seemingly without any reason!!! Well obviously she’s very mad but Collette has no idea why. Perhaps this is the first time she sees Usami genuinely being angry? Now, Usami and Uchimaki is arguing and throwing the pillow (which the president bought using the club’s fund) back and forth. It’s a really unpleasant sight.

Poor Collette

Poor Collette, she just wants everyone to be good with each other… so she can fool around like usual. Luckily, not long after, both Usami and Uchimaki manage to make up with each other. Collette is probably planning something to cheer them up because she is actually very caring but it seems that it won’t be needed. As a result, Collette is ready to fool around again! Look how happy and relieved she is to know that not only Usami and Uchimaki settle down, they even change back to their old selves.

Collette ready to fool around.

Collette is a really great addition to the cast. She can be a little airheaded and childish she never comes as annoying. Whenever she’s on screen, I’ll always have a huge smile on my face. Collette is definitely best girl and no one can surpass her. Not even Imari.

Collette not Oblivious

2 thoughts on “This Art Club Has a Problem Episode 6: Seeing things from Collette’s point of view

  1. It’s a shame she didn’t get much screentime, but it was still worth it to see some more screencaps of her. Glad we are all on the same page about Collette being the best girl over Imari haha

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