Kaguya-sama Love is War Episode 5: Unathletic President

Seasonal uniform change.png

Another episode of two tsundere flirting and hitting each other while trying desperately not to be obvious and failing horribly at every attempt from both parties. This episode, we start with the transition of their school uniform! Now they’re wearing their summer uniform!!! What’s the difference? They’re just wearing short sleeves that’s all. The president doesn’t change his uniform though…

Jealouos 2.png

The first part of the episode is Kashiwagi asking for love advice from Kaguya. Not entirely a love advice, rather how to break up with her boyfriend, Tsubasa. Her boyfriend seeks advice with the president of the student council so it’s only natural for her to seek advice from the vice-president of the student council. Halfway through the interrogation, Love Detective Chika barges in and solves Kashiwagi’s problem. I actually really like this Kabe-DOWN couple, not because they’re adorable or sweet. It’s because they’re unpredictable. When I first read the manga, I genuinely don’t know what’s going to happen to them. As of now, they’re really distant and unstable, save for the volunteering part. In the future, who knows how they’ll turn out (well I know, I’ve read the manga).

Kaichou Brand.png

The second segment shows yet another part of the president’s weakness. He is not athletic… per se. It is established that he has good stamina from riding bicycle to school everyday. However, he can’t match his hands with his legs. He can’t even match his body and his mind. He just sucks at sports, basically. How does his hand go from high up in the air to the back of his head?? Well luckily, Love Detective Chika comes to the rescue! Her forced smile is the best.

The third segment is another brain war between Kaguya and the president. It’s a very elaborate war about who’s going to lend an umbrella. This time around, Kaguya has pushed the president into the corner. She is this close to win the war and force the president into making an indirect confession. But of course, while Love Detective Chika rescues people and solves problems, she also destroys everybody’s plan without even trying. But look at it on the bright side, Kaguya. You still get to share an umbrella with the president. Even after the rain stops he still doesn’t close the umbrella. Isn’t that your long time dream, Kaguya?

Kaguya YandereUmbrella 3

Seems like we’re finally going to see our favourite character Ishigami next episode. We only get to see his feet before but now, we get to see his back!!! I can’t wait to see his first real anime appearance because I don’t remember how he appeared in the manga. Until then, see you next time!

Ishigami Finally Appears.png

2 thoughts on “Kaguya-sama Love is War Episode 5: Unathletic President

  1. I really enjoyed the second segment this week but I found the third segment fairly dull. Still, watching the president try and fail at volleyball and the training process was really fun, and I really did enjoy Fujiwara this week.

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    • The fun that I get from the third segment is from seeing Kaguya’s Yandere expressions. I actually like her more when she’s in Yandere state than in Tsundere state.

      The second segment is fun. If we’re lucky, maybe the anime will explore more of the president’s weaknesses. I think the joke is not much about the president’s struggles to improve rather, Fujiwara’s struggles to teach him. I think many people can agree by now that Fujiwara is best girl.


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