This Art Club Has a Problem Episode 4: Inspiring Moments

Usami and Uchimaki
Yomu listed a couple of interesting themes for us to choose from. For this episode, I chose the theme ‘inspiring moments’ in this anime.

Well anything related to arts has always been inspiring to me. It doesn’t matter any type of arts, really but since this anime is about visual arts, I’ll focus more on that. Visual arts kinda naturally runs through all my female siblings. They all love to draw and they’re all really good too (I’m really bad at it though). But it a lot of practice and patience for them to be that good. So whenever I see any drawings in the art club of this anime, I always imagine the effort and time they put in order to finish that particular piece of art. Not only that, I also imagine the time they practiced before they get to that level. It must’ve taken years of dedication and passion for them to be on their current level of skill. To me, even if it happens off screen and the anime doesn’t focus on that, it’s still inspiring.

Usami and Uchimaki’s drawing skill might be a little too good for their age? But I guess that’s just the result of them practicing their whole life.

Tachibana Sensei's Drawing
Another thing that really inspires me is productivity. This can be anything though. I could be jealous of people who can watch anime for hours on end, or play video games all night long. As long as they’re doing ‘an activity’ and that activity is productive to me, I’ll see it as inspiring. In this anime, it’s visual arts and drawing. Like I mentioned, Usami and Uchimaki have put a lot of effort into improving their drawing skills. Not to mention they practically go to the art club everyday and obviously draw everyday. I’m pretty sure they have to produce at least one piece of art before going home. This only applies to Usami and Uchimaki though. The other two characters… why are they the members of the art club again?

I could argue that Uchimaki is more productive than Usami because he has all the seasonal anime he has to catch up but still manages to produce his waifus on a consistent and regular basis. Isn’t that amazing?

Usami's Dream
This is how I sometime see this anime when I watch it. Well of course, this anime is comedy focused and I mostly just want to see Usami blushes. But whenever this anime portrays a piece of art, I will most probably get that inspiring feeling.

That’s it from me being all inspired. You can check Yomu’s post to know more about this collab and you are still more than welcome to join. See you in next episode’s post!

4 thoughts on “This Art Club Has a Problem Episode 4: Inspiring Moments

    • They are. If this anime is drama focused, we’d probably get a some clash of ideologies between Usami and Uchimaki about what art is supposed to be and one should approach it. At the same time, they are competing to win a grand competition. Add in some romance in it and BOOM ‘This Art Club Has a Problem Drama Edition’.

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