This Art Club Has a Problem Episode 3: Usami’s Blushing Moments

Usami Blushes 8

We’re back with episode 3 of Yomu’s collaboration. This time I’ll just focus on Usami’s blushing moments. Why? Because it’s actually the main reason I watch this series. I enjoy this series but I mostly just watch it with an extremely relaxed manner. That’s what I do with most comedy anime and this one’s no exception. Since this anime revolves around Usami and her crush, that’s what I’m focusing on.

I don’t think anyone can deny that Usami is awfully cute when she blushes. Not to mention, this anime pretty much shows her blush all the time! Let’s compile some of her blushing moments in this episode shall we?

Usami sure blushes a lot in this episode. I think much more than the previous ones. Well I’m not complaining. It’s better this way. The majority of my enjoyment watching this show is from watching Usami blush.

We also finally meet the girl in the cupboard in the first episode, Collete-chan. She’s the obnoxious air-headed character and I love her! I look forward to see her eccentric behaviour more in the future.

That’s it from me for now. See you in the next episode’s review!

Usami waves


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