Kaguya-sama Love is War Episode 4: Fujiwara is Actually Smart?

Kaguya and President.png

I was really curious to know how the intro of this episode would play out as all the previous episode’s intro have narration from the narrator. This episode finally breaks the tradition and cut the whole narration altogether. I’m guessing there will be no narration intro ever again in the future, which is a good thing.

This episode is divided into four different segments instead of only three in the previous episodes. The first segments revolves around Kaguya and the president wearing a cat ear. Seeing both the president and Kaguya desperately acting cool despite being very impressed with each other’s appearance after wearing the cat ears is a blast. I’d like to note here that the president is actually a really weak and vulnerable person. He’s just really good and hiding and faking it with his reliable and all-knowing persona. Speaking with Kaguya with a straight face but shivering knees whenever he thinks she is cute must be a norm for him. Kaguya on the other hand is not really good at hiding her excitement and as a result, we get to her ‘evil grin’.

Fujiwara You're Out Yo.png

The second segment is my favourite in this episode. The student council members need to go shopping to prepare a welcome party. They decided to play the word banned game to pick out who’s going to go. Two people who lose will be the ones going. We experience this game from the perspective of the president. The president of course wants to lose in order to go shopping with Kaguya. So he plans to lose to Fujiwara and then beat Kaguya. Surprisingly, that’s exactly what happens. However, it’s not exactly in line with the president’s plan. In this particular segment, we get to see that Fujiwara can actually read both the president and Kaguya better that we once thought making her the winner of the game. It’s pretty weird that she can do that but is utterly oblivious to the fact that the president and Kaguya like each other. In any case, her rapping is entertaining and are already memed. I’m pretty sure she’ll be one of the most memed character in the season.

The second half of the segment is about Kaguya and the president phoning each other. There’s not much to say about it really.

president Out.png

The last part is the welcome party. For some unexplained reason, they are collaborating with a French school. In this part, we get to see a little bit of a skill gap between the president and Kaguya. The president can only speak basic French while Kaguya is more or less fluent. This skill gap isn’t just limited to language, actually. In one chapter of the manga, there is one time where Fujiwara and Kaguya are playing a kind of trivia puzzle game. The president is also in the room but not playing. Now, the puzzle questions are immensely difficult but Kaguya manages to answer all questions with ease. The president who is eavesdropping their conversation cannot answer even one of the questions. He ends up studying puzzle questions non-stop for the next few days to make sure that he manages to answer every question when they play the game again.

Kaguya Ghost.png

This shows that the president is not naturally intelligent. He’s not a gifted person. He only manages to enroll in the school and to get the position of the President of the Student Council purely with his effort. Kaguya on the other hand is arguably naturally gifted which is why she knows French and is able to answer those puzzle questions easily. I just think that it’s a good time for me to bring up the character dynamic between Kaguya and the president just so people can understand them more.

This episode is fun, I’m really enjoying the series as usual. I’m looking forward to future episodes. However, I’m just disappointed that Ishigami still hasn’t appeared. Hope we’ll see him in the next episode!

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