This Art Club Has a Problem Episode 2 – 10:00 to 15:00

Usami Princess.png

Another episode of This Art Club Has a Problem, a collaboration project by Yomu. I’m still late as heaven and I’m probably going to be late every week. If you haven’t already joined but you find this interesting, you are still very welcomed to participate. The more the merrier, right?

In this episode, I chose the theme ‘10:00 – 15:00’ just because I was curious of what happens in that period of time. Is it extremely funny? Too boring perhaps? Or very deep maybe? It turns out that it isn’t out of the ordinary from the other parts of the episode. Let’s look into it.

You're a Guy What Did You Expect.png

Firstly, Usami said “you’re a guy. What did you expect?” to Uchimaki, indicating that because he’s a guy, he HAS to carry things for her. Do people still do this in this day and age? I mean, I still hold the traditional value of men being a ‘gentlemen’ so I usually instinctively offer girls to carry anything they’re carrying, as long as I have the capability to do so. However, I never actually experienced any girl abuse the expectation of a guy to be a ‘gentleman’. Usually, girls will reject my offer or ask ‘are you sure?’ to which I will reply, yes I’m very sure, I’m the one offering after all. To me, it goes both ways. Guys will usually offer help and girls will most likely reject the help if not needed. If both parties insist, the result is that the girl will still carry things but of lighter weight. Wait, am I overanalyzing simple gestures here? (Side note: offering help towards parents is to me the most relevant of this gesture.)

Usami and Kids.png

Then, a mother seeks help from them to find her missing daughter. Of course, they decide to help. It takes a while before they finally find her. When they do, she is with a very suspicious girl with a mask. Usami approaches the little girl effortlessly by initiating a small talk. She really knows how to approach children. Her friendly and cheerful nature really helps her here. But then the suspicious masked girl doubts the little girl by saying that Usami and Uchimaki might be bad people. Why are you scaring the little girl?? Look at her, she needs to be protected! I like children so I will do whatever I can to make them happy!

Girl bad People.png

Girl Annoying.png
Okay now she’s getting really irritating, I just wanna smack her in the face. I hate children so I will do whatever I can to avoid them!

I have this love and hate relationship with children, really. From my personal experience, spending time with children is a lot of fun. However, it is only true when the children are well behaved and well raised. I have a personal benchmark to know whether or not a child is good or bad. They need to be able to do two things which are following the rules and listening to authority. If they can do these two things, then they’re good children and I want to spend as much time with them. If they can’t, they’re bad and I will avoid them at all cost.

If we’re playing a board game, for example, they need to follow the rules that I’ve explained. If not, they the game will not be fun for the rest of us so the kid who doesn’t follow the rule is a bad kid. They also need to listen to me as the authority and the judge of the game played by children except me. If not and they only want to play by their own rules and only want to win, they’re bad kids.

These two traits are very important to me because even as a kid, I played games with other kids to have fun, not to win. I created new rules for established games like hide and seek just to make sure that everyone is having a good time playing. Fairness has always been my top priority because the game can only be fun for everyone when it’s fair. So it’s very frustrating to see kids nowadays who only play to win, breaking the rules to their advantage just to make sure that other people will lose.

WOHOA I’m straying too far from the actual episode review. Let’s just jump back right in.

usami crush 2

The whole scene is actually a flashback of when Usami starts to like Uchimaki. The reason is quite simple, Uchimaki is… not as bad as she thinks. And he knows how to approach children too, that’s a really big plus. Usami IS in middle school so trivial reasons like that is enough for her to change her feelings from dislike to like and eventually fall for him. Her feelings doesn’t change overnight though. At that time, she just thinks that Uchimaki is not that bad but over time, her feelings gradually grows and now turns into a very chaotic one sided crush.

usami and subaru 2

In the flashback, they do show genuine dislike towards each other. I really like when two characters don’t like one another but aren’t evil enough to actually make them suffer. They aren’t avoiding each other either so to me, their dislike towards each other is not that strong. Who know, maybe, just maybe, Uchimaki might reciprocate Usami’s feelings in the far future?

I doubt it…

That’s all for this episode’s review. Didn’t think it would turn out this way but it did so I hope you enjoy reading it regardless. See you next week for both episode 3 and 4! I hope. Goodbye for now ~


4 thoughts on “This Art Club Has a Problem Episode 2 – 10:00 to 15:00

  1. I had forgotten about this theme haha.
    Guess it landed on a less comedic and more relaxed moment.
    I actually wasn’t a huge fan of that lost girl segment, I feel like sometimes the anime strays a little too far from comedy.

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