Land of The Lustrous: What’s With The Ending!??

Phos is Life.gif

The general premise of this anime is about these crystalline organisms called gems which inhabits the world. These organisms are actually immortal sparkling valuable jewels living on an island and are always fighting the Lunarians, another species that inhabits the world in which their only purpose is to attack the gems, break them and take them to ‘the moon’ for decoration. This series is basically about the gems fighting and surviving the attacks from the Lunarians for millennials.

It’s been a long time since I actually intended to watch this series. The main reason I want to watch this is obviously because of the gorgeous 3D animation which is pretty much non-existent anywhere else, at least in the anime industry. The scene that pretty much sold me to the anime is the scene where Diamond is running at night under the moonlight. It’s just so beautiful!

Diamond Run.gif

I thoroughly enjoyed watching the show and I consider this one of the best anime I’ve ever watched. However, at first I didn’t really find this anime engaging to watch. Initially, the anime feels lacking in direction. I don’t really feel like wanting to know what will happen to Phosphophyllite (Phos for short), the main character, or pretty much any other characters. I do want to know more about the world though but the characters aren’t that interesting to me yet. I watched the first few episodes solely because of the gorgeous animation and my curiosity of the world they are living in.

phos being phos

Then I have to get used to this sense of loneliness that the anime may or may not intentionally portray. This sense of loneliness comes from the size of the island and the size of the school they are living in. While we don’t really know the exact size of the island, it is relatively small compared to, well, our world. So I always feel like they are stuck there, isolated from other creatures that might exist without their knowledge. The size of the school is the opposite. The interior is really wide and spacious so when two characters interact with one another in the school, you’ll feel like there should be more people filling in those empty spaces. It just feels very lonely. You’ll get used to it after a couple of episodes but that sense still lingers even in the last episode.

phos being phos 2

While the characters aren’t that interesting to me, aside from their glistering hairs, it didn’t take long for Phos, the main character to have interesting traits. As the youngest Gem in the series at the age of around 300 years, we follow her relatively immature journey of her adventure. She is one of the weakest gems with the mohs hardness scale of 3.5 which means she could be cracked and broken very easily. She desires to fight alongside her other gem peers but because of her hardness scale, she is forbidden to do so. In fact, she is burdened with the task of compiling an encyclopedia.

fighting scene 1

At first, Phos can be seen as annoying with her ignorant and arrogant behaviour while being so useless. I personally find her amusing and cute more than annoying but if anyone else finds irritating, I totally get them. Fortunately, she does grow over time and in one part of the anime, quite drastically. Other characters have their fair share of stories and all are interesting but they are all made better with Phos.

There isn’t much to say about the plot except that you’ll be exploring and learning more about the world they are living in. Their world keeps on expanding and expanding, leaving you with questions after questions each episode. The story gets grander and grander as it progresses, which is really great but it doesn’t really seem to rest even for a bit. Which leads us to the ending.

bort fight

This series has the most open ended ending I’ve ever seen in my life… apart from No Game No Life. I have more questions by the end of the last episode than at the end of the first episode. It’s really frustrating because the anime is so good, but it stops at exactly when it’s getting even better.

You might say, well just read the manga then. That’s what I thought too. But it’s very difficult when you’ve been used to watch this Godlike 3D animation with fluid movements, cool fighting scenes and shining hairs and then forced to read black and white, static and voiceless pages. It’s DIFFICULT!!! I just hope there’s a season two. I think this is the first time I really REALLY want a season two.

Changing from this…
cinnibar manga
to this is quite hard for me.

Overall, I really love this anime. I don’t know why I didn’t watch this sooner. It has one of the most beautiful animation, the characters are all very unique and the story is fresh and original. Even the soundtrack is great. I honestly think this anime has pretty much everything to offer. Welp except a good ending but if you’re tolerant with it, you’ll mostly likely enjoy this show.

4 thoughts on “Land of The Lustrous: What’s With The Ending!??

  1. I’d really love a follow up season to this one. It was a beautiful anime and the story was getting very interesting when it ended. A continuation would be fantastic. And like you, I’m not sure the manga will really hit the spot given a lot of the draw for me is the visuals of this one.

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    • Most other anime, even if they caught up with the source material, the final episode will almost always feel like an ending. This anime put little effort to make the ending feel like an ending at all so it’s very frustrating. That said, because I want to know ‘the truth’, I will eventually read the manga… someday.

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  2. That scene you show in your second screen cap? The one showing Diamond racing back to base after talking to Cinnabar? I think it’s the equal of anything any animation studio ever produced. The music, the motion, the breath-taking beauty of Diamond’s devotion — I’ve seen everything that came out of Disney, and this scene stands equal to any of them.

    I’m with Karandi. I’ve love a second season!

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    • yep, the second screencap. It’s just stunning. I noticed some people pointing out technical flaws of the scene, saying that the frame rate is lower than standard 3D animation. But I honestly don’t care lol. It looks beautiful nonetheless!

      A second season would be perfect!!!

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