Kaguya-sama: Love is War First Impressions

Brain War 6.png

The awaited anime of the season finally aired. This anime is basically about two people named Kaguya and Miyuki liking each other but don’t want to confess or even admit their feelings because of their own ego. To them, whoever confesses or even implies a confession is the loser between the couple. So they execute their elaborated plans to lure the other person to accidentally imply a confession. It’s a battle of brains with a comedic twist to it.

brain war 4

First and foremost, I’ve read the manga and I love the manga. So I watch the first episode of the anime with high expectation and bias towards it. After watching it, I enjoyed it as much as if not better than the manga. I think I’ll watch this anime to instinctively compare it with the manga. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? I don’t know.


Well to me, the anime portrays closely to what I imagined it to be. All the characters sound like themselves. Well chika’s voice is a little too high-pitched for me but isn’t all cutesy anime characters like that? Kaguya is more tsundere than I remember. The president is less desperate than I remember. I honestly thought Chika’s hair was blonde and was surprised to see that her colour wasn’t blonde. I guess I didn’t pay attention to the colour pages of the manga. But Hayasaka’s hair is blonde so that’s a relief.

brain war 2

What do I hope from the anime series? Well it’s a comedy focused anime and while it has some dramatic parts in the manga, I don’t think the anime has enough time to go through that with very limited episodes. I’m okay with that because I still really like the comedic side of the series. I do have one complain though. The narrator kinda disrupts the whole flow of the anime. The manga also has a narrator but I guess it doesn’t translate too well in the anime. I hope the anime reduces the amount of narration so the brain wars could flow more smoothly.

brain war 10

Another thing that I’m worried is the audience of this anime. The audience is now clearly divided into two major categories which are the manga fans and the anime only watchers. Right now, the manga fans are very excited and loud while the anime only watchers are sceptical of the hype of this anime. If the anime doesn’t live up to the anime only watchers’ expectations that is initially caused by the manga fans, there will surely be war between the two factions. It may be normal for some of you to experience this but this is the first time I watch an anime with a source material I’m familiar with.

brain war 3

All in all, I’m also excited for this anime and I enjoyed it so far. Really curious to see what direction the anime will take. For now, I highly recommend you watch this series especially if you’re into romantic comedy. It’s almost like Death Note clashing with romantic comedy.

brain war 12
Kaguya also has lots of different expressions. I think I’m gonna compile them.

2 thoughts on “Kaguya-sama: Love is War First Impressions

    • The manga also focuses on comedy most of the time but the back and forth brain wars between Kaguya and the president is really fun to see. When more characters are introduced, it gets even better!

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