Impressions: Irozuku Sekai no Ashita Kara Episode 13

Yuito longing.png

This episode starts with Yuito’s first impression of Hitomi and his longing for her.

During the time to send Hitomi back to the future, everyone is given the opportunity to express their final feelings towards Hitomi as the final farewell gift. It gives everyone the closure that they need especially between Yuito and Hitomi.

Hitomi and Yuito Hug 2

At first, Yuito and Hitomi don’t really muster their true feelings for each other. In Yuito’s perception, he probably thinks it will only make Hitomi suffer more if she knows his true feelings. To him, he sees his feeling as an obstacle for Hitomi to go back peacefully so he restrains himself from over expressing himself. Hitomi has already grown from that attitude though. She has overcome her anxiety and hesitance of her actions so she stops Yuito and tries to convey all her feelings towards him. Her magic disrupts Kohaku’s time magic but helps her to convey her feelings more properly and intimately. With that magic, Yuito is also able to properly convey his feelings. When all is set and done, Hitomi is sent to the future.

Kohaku Trying Hard

Kohaku’s magic isn’t powerful enough to actually send Hitomi back. With a very limited time and knowledge it’s no surprise that she still lacks the skill. The magic that sends Hitomi back is none other than Hitomi herself. She’s just a really talented and powerful mage. Welp, we know Kohaku will improve way more in the future so that’s good.

Hitomi and Grandma Kohaku

In the future, Hitomi is back with grandma Kohaku again, as if it was just an instant between the time she went to past and the time she comes back to the future. She thanks Kohaku for aiding her to be happy and finds out that the picture book she saw as a child, the only book she can see colours were in fact made by Yuito. Now that she’s experienced going to the past, Kohaku can share her memories with Hitomi again. Hitomi starts befriend people from her school and even replacing Kohaku in the Magic Photography Arts club.

Hitomi and Club

It’s basically a happy ending for Hitomi in the bigger picture. It’s just sad that she can’t see her first friends anymore, but is now determined to make the most out of the push by her first friends. I think it’s even sadder for her friends especially Yuito for not being able to see her ever again. Adding to that, they’re all DEAD now. I mean, I think so because if not, grandma Kohaku and Hitomi must have visited them at some point. The grave in the last minutes of the episode is definitely Yuito’s or any of Hitomi’s friends.

They all together

I have to say I really like this ending and prefer this over any other kind of ending. It feels nice and not overdone. If the anime forces a total happy ending, it would most probably be less enjoyable. This bittersweet ending is already perfect as it is. Everyone has some kind of closure, and that’s good enough. All in all, I really like this series and this is definitely one of the reasons why I love PA Works so much.

3 thoughts on “Impressions: Irozuku Sekai no Ashita Kara Episode 13

  1. Yes, I was happy(?)/satisfied with the melancholy ending but with Hitomi able to move on with her life. I think it would’ve been out of keeping with the rest of the show for a forced happy ending. I thought the children’s story being by Yuito and including all the friends was touching.

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