Impressions: Irozuku Sekai no Ashita Kara Episode 12

Hitomi and Yuito.png

This episode starts by continuing the relationship between Hitomi and Yuito as well as Hitomi’s eventual departure.

Out of all Hitomi’s desperation and depression, she at least has Yuito as her source of happiness. However, that source of happiness is going to disappear very soon so she’s frustrated by that fact. She thinks it’s better to not have met Yuito so she won’t have any of these confusing feelings. However, Yuito manages to convince her otherwise and thus indirectly making her take a step forward in facing the harsh truth of having to leave him and her friends. That step forward is well, to have the most fun with everyone, particularly with Yuito while she can. She’s basically facing her problem directly again instead of running away. She realizes that it’s no use wandering in the dark all the time. Her friends are always helping her so that’s the least she can do.

Hitomi Happy

By the end of the episode, Hitomi can finally recognize what happiness is. And in the exact time, she can see colours. So… Hitomi being able to see colours aren’t actually because of Yuito’s drawings but because of happiness?? And she can only see the fireworks in colour but not anything else… explanation??

Asagi Happy
Seeing Asagi excitedly happy warms my heart.

Asagi is given some spotlight in this episode. For one, she is very happy that people actually buy her postcards and she shares her happiness with none other than her crush. I honestly think her ideals actually comes through. She now has all the time to gather her courage and confess to Shou. No rival, no anything. And Shou is slowly seeing her as a potential romantic partner. Or at least, understand that she might have a thing for him, maybe. Asagi’s growth isn’t incredible or big in any way, and with how the anime currently is, she will probably not grow any more that what we’re being shown. However, we can bet that she will grow enough after the events of the anime. She’s also the most emotional among the group so her care and worry towards is very obvious, which only makes her more likable.

Kohaku Burden

Kohaku is being burdened by sending Hitomi off. It’s a very difficult task having to learn the time magic in a very short time and having to leave her grand daughter in a confusing state. Still, she has to do it anyway. I believe Kohaku is the strongest character in terms of emotional stability. I mean, we can probably say that her love for Hitomi is the same or even more than Yuito’s love but she deals with this farewell event way better than any of the other characters. It shows how capable of a  mage she is.

Tsukishiro Farewell

The Tsukishiro family members see the whole sending Hitomi to the future event as just another goodbye… I don’t know how I should feel about it. Do they think they can meet Hitomi again or something?

It’s art dammit, art!

Yuito finally got the approval that he needs. Somebody is genuinely touched and happy by his drawings and his drawings only. The praise comes from a total stranger who only knows that he’s the one drawing it. Unlike say, his friends or family, they praise his drawings and nothing else. If the praise comes from his friends or family, there might be positive. Yuito officially manages to make somebody happy. Kudos to him!

Yuito Autograph

Okay this anime is coming to and end with only one episode left. What kind of ending will the anime be? More importantly, what kind of ending do I want? In all honesty, I think I don’t really mind any kind of ending. It can be a happy ending where somehow Hitomi can stay with them or visit them frequently. Or it could be more of a longing kind of ending where Hitomi can’t get back to the past but they all remember about her. The only ending that I don’t favour is an open ending. If they pull out that ending, I will hate this show. But other than that, anything’s fine. I might be wrong though. I might watch the final episode and then think ‘the heck is this crap?’ but as of now, I don’t have any particular ending that I really want and I’m open to any kind.

Let’s hope the best for the final episode!

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