Day 9 – Futaba doesn’t Get The Role She Wants

Futaba Broke 2

Anime: Seiyuu’s Life

In Seiyuu’s life, there’s one part which completely broke Futaba and also us as an audience. It’s when she wants to be the role of Uma from a manga called Spiral Cafe which is going to have an anime adaptation, but doesn’t get to be one.

In the universe of Seiyuu’s Life, Spiral cafe is a popular manga series that has gotten a drama CD adaptation and going to have an anime adaptation. Futaba played the role of Uma, a character in Spiral Cafe in the Drama CD. Because it is going to be adapted again into anime, Futaba hopes to get the role of Uma again in the anime. Usually, the same cast of voice actors are used in both drama CD and anime. Well usually, not always.

Futaba Broke

She wants the role so bad, she starts asking her manager quite frequently whether or not she gets a new offer. She buys the original manga to practice voicing Uma and to better understand her character so she can present the character more accurately. All of her hope is crushed when Rin announces that she will be taking the role of Uma.

It is to be expected because Futaba is not very good at voice acting. At least, not exceptional. Rin, on the other hand is a teenager close to a prodigy level, and has been voice acting since she was a child. It’s difficult to imagine how frustrated Futaba is. The role she once played and hopes to play again is snatched away by a friend who is undoubtedly much more talented than she is. She also can’t work with Rie Kugiyama anymore, a popular voice actress who plays the role of Uma’s older sister. That adds to her frustration but she can’t do anything except accept the fact and move on.

Futaba Broke 3

That’s it from me for today. See you tomorrow!

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