Day 8 – Riko and Reg’s Sufferings in The Fourth Layer of The Abyss

Episode 10

Anime: Made in Abyss

I watched this anime knowing the glory behind it. I mean, people always gush about this anime not being only cutesy and generic and that it’s much darker than it looks. People also gush about how the world of the anime is stunningly beautiful. Because of these, I went and watched the anime with a very high expectation and with the preconceived notion that this anime is going to extremely great. But sadly, I didn’t find it all that interesting, at least not as much as other people told me so. The biggest drawback to me is that I just find the fantasy world of the anime not as interesting as I thought. The concept of the abyss is pretty great but I’m just not curious enough to know more about the abyss.

Also, at first, I didn’t really feel like the characters are in any danger whatsoever. The threat of the higher layer wasn’t great enough for me to think that Riko and Reg are in any trouble. Besides, they’re the main characters, right? nothing can happen to them, right?

But then episode 10 came along.

Reg and Riko 2

It just went downhill from there. I didn’t know what I was going in for. It’s too much. I didn’t know the journey is going to be that dangerous. I was just ughhh I can’t. That scene of Rikos’s swollen hand already caused me the illusion of extreme physical pain, but then Reg has to break her bones. It felt like I felt the same pain as her… It’s just unbearable.

From then on, I KNOW that anything happens after this is going to be much darker than that. And it really is much darker. Mitty’s suffering in the last episode is even more unbearable. 

This post is incoherent at this point but for those who have watched the series, you know exactly how it felt like watching that moment. It’s literal physical pain. I don’t like gore, and this isn’t gore but after experiencing how painful I can feel watching other people feel pain, I honestly question how some people manage to not only suck it up but even enjoy those gore types of shows. My honest ignorant conclusion is that they’re sadists.

Alright this is the end of today’s post. See you tomorrow!

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