Day 7 – Kae’s Sudden Transformation

Kiss Him Not Me 4.png

Anime: Kiss Him, Not Me

I mentioned in my review that this particular scene was what made me try this anime in the first place. If you don’t know the scene, it’s actually in the first episode where Kae, the main character transforms from being fat to being super slender as a result of her depression. She does not get out of her room and does not even eat for a week. The result of it is very positive though, at least towards her body.

Kae's Transformation 2

I’ve… never had a depression. Yes I’m generally happy with my life,thankfully. I hope I will stay this way until I die. So I honestly and admittedly only see this scene as funny. I think the scene is hilarious. I didn’t really think about people who are depressed though as I don’t really understand them. So after seeing this scene, naturally I joke about it with one of my friend who has watched the series. It went like this:

Me: If you wanna lose all your weight, just enter depression state, not eat for a week and then BOOM perfectly healthy body!

My friend: You want people to be depressed?

Okay so I totally did not see that coming. I thought I was just joking, but I guess it’s a lot serious than I thought. It made me rethink of the transition of Kae’s transformation, and how painful it actually is. The anime portrays it as a joke though, so I took it as a joke. Now, my friend was more or less depressed. However, he was not offended by the joke, it’s just that he took the joke from the perspective of well, a depressed person.

Kae's Transformation 1

After the conversation with my friend,I now see this scene as conflicting, really. I still find it funny but if I were to throw out jokes about it, I better be careful of whom I’m throwing it at. Still, telling people about this scene is to me the best way to introduce them to this anime, aside from the fact that Kae is obsessed with Yaoi. If they find it funny, they’ll probably check out the series. If they don’t, then I’ll lose a friend… I guess.

That’s it from me for today! I hope you enjoy my 12 days of anime posts so far, and see you tomorrow!

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