Day 6 – Anzu’s Separation From The Homeless People

Anzu Separate 7.png

Anime: Hina Festival

Hina Festival is a comedy dominant anime and a very great one too. It’s been a long time since I actually laughed that much watching a series. But with all the abundance of funny moments, the anime also slides in some of the most emotional moments and one of them is when Anzu is forced to be separated from the homeless society she’s grown attached to.

Anzu Separate 6

I think this is the best scene in the entire anime and perhaps even the manga. It’s very emotional to see Anzu, being so attached with the homeless society to be separated from them. She’s learned so much from them, from how to survive without a solid home, how to save food, how to save candles as a light source during the night, and how to make what little money they can make. They have become one big happy family. She treasures every single memories that she makes with them and sworn to herself that she will never forget them. I honestly teared up during the scene when she gaze at the homeless people for one last time. It’s just… really sad…

Anzu Separate 5

What’s more emotional is the fact that after she lives with her adopted parents, she finds every single thing around her super luxurious. Having a bed is luxurious to her, having a room is luxurious, being able to take hot shower is luxurious, being able to have a proper meal three times a day is luxurious, having electrical light source during the night is luxurious and even having clothes is luxurious to her.

It just shows how minimal her life is and how little she had before. Yet, all the time she was with the homeless people, she seemed very happy and most importantly, content with what she had. She didn’t ask for more.

Anzu Separate 15

All of that makes me think of my own very fortunate life. It makes me feel that I have everything. It makes me feel that I should be thankful and grateful for everything that I have right now because if Anzu experiences my life and have all the things that I have, she would deem that my life is also super luxurious.

That’s it from me for today. I hope to see you again tomorrow ~

Anzu Separate 10

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